So this past weekend, Sara and I had a yard sale at her house to get rid of our junk, and also make a few bucks. So since we did pretty well, and we’re such pros at it we thought we’d share a few of our yard sale tips so that you can have a fabulous yard sale as well! I know the photo’s make our yard sale look slightly lame, but I remembered to take pics after we sold most of our stuff. Semifail 

1. Location Location Location!
I know it’s the typical thing that people say when having anything really, but location really is important. If you live in the back side of nowhere and try to have a yard sale, you may or may not have much luck with it simply because you don’t have enough traffic to your area, no one around to see your signs etc. So basically, if you live in a low traffic area, maybe butter up one of your friends who lives in town so they’ll let you have it at their house. Which brings me to the next tip.
2. Use Your Friends!
If you want to have a better chance of having a nice spread of stuff for your sale, its good to have a friend do it with you. You can both bring stuff out, keep a list of who sold for how much, and split the money at the end. Plus you have someone to chat with during the slow bits. It’s a win win really, especially if the friend is the same one who’s yard your using.
3. Sell Yourself!

Advertising your yard sale is also super important because hey, if people don’t know about it they cant come, right?  You can start by putting it in your local newspaper classified ads. You also might want to consider posting it on your social networks and any local “for sale” type FB pages. Also a good thing to do is put up some sweet, brightly colored, attention grabbing signs. Try to have fun with it and say things that will get people curious about your yard sale. We always get great comments and people come just because of our signs. So we think that its pretty important. Also make sure you put signs up leading to the yard sale so people can find it extra easily. Balloons also help.

How to Have a Fabulous Yard Sale!

4. Organization
Whenever you set up all your stuff, organization is important. The ideal thing is to not make your tables look like someone vomited your stuff onto them. Try to keep everything categorized like, the beauty, jewelry n stuff together in one area, all books in another, toys in one etc. Try to make it look neat and have your clothes folded or hung up, books stacked etc. It’s also a fabulous idea to have your big ticket items in the front(facing the road etc) of your yard sale so that people who drive by will be immediately enticed by your stuff. Hopefully you all have an old Snuggie to sell that will REALLY draw in the crowds.
How to Have a Fabulous Yard Sale!

5. Have Realistic Prices
Yes, I know you paid $100 for that Giant Remote you bought on eBay, but sadly you’re not getting that at your yard sale. Be realistic about what people will want to pay with for your items. New items will always sell for more, furniture, etc. Just be conscious of your audience and fairly evaluate your items. If you are wanting to get more money from your items, try selling through another outlet like eBay or Craigslist, and even post it on your FB wall for your friends to see.

6. Offer Goodies!
Sometimes we like to make up a little something baked to sell. Think about it, people are out roaming the different yard sales all day, and they’re bound to need a snack. Luckily we have some available! Snacks like some brownies, or cookies can give you just a lil more profit, while making your customers tummies happy!

7. Bag it up!
Have Walmart bags (plastic bags from any stores) available for people who buy a lot of stuff and need to carry it easily. I know this is a really simple tip, but its always good to have things like that to make your customers lives just a little bit easier.

Well, that about wraps it up for our post. We hope this post has inspired you to go out and have your own fabtabulous yard sales!!!

How to Have a Fabulous Yard Sale!