Hey! So I wanted to share with all of ya’ll how I do my makeup everyday. Now you can see all of my secrets to how I get to looking so fabulous! 
Before we jump in I want to mention a couple things. First all of the products I’m using are hypoallergenic because my skin is really sensitive, and B) My skin is also very oily, so all of these products work well for oily skin. 
Sara's Everyday Makeup Look 
 First I start off with a clean face. I washed my face hours before I did this so I had some oil on my face that accumulated so I used a oil absorbing sheet, and re-moisturized. I like to use the Clean & Clear Oil absorbing wipes, they work pretty good with getting rid of the excess oil but still leave your makeup on (if you’re wearing makeup of course) and my favorite moisturizer is the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, I’ve been using this moisturizer for years and it doesn’t break me out, or make my skin more oily plus it has an SPF already in it which is a plus.
 Sara's Everyday Makeup Look
Now it’s prime time! Get it? Because I’m putting primer on? I know.
 I’m using the Smashbox Photo finish Foundation Primer. I’m not going to lie, this primer is kind of on the expensive side, but it’s works the best for me, it doesn’t make me breakout and helps to keep my makeup on all day, especially when I would have a long day at school. I Just put it all over my face.
Sara's Everyday Makeup Look 
 Now comes one of the best parts. Covering all of those imperfections so I can stand to look in the mirror. I’m using the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, I like this foundation because it’s really light but gives medium coverage, but you can build the coverage up more if you need to. When I apply my foundation I use a brush, the one I’m using isn’t a “foundation brush” but it works well as a foundation brush. For concealer I’m using the Physicians Formula-Physicians Strength Concealer, I just use my fingers to apply the concealer to cover up those bags under my eyes, and my acne, and acne scars. Out of all the concealers I’ve tried this one is the best, it covers up everything and lasts all day. To set it all I use the Covergirl Clean Oil Pressed Powder, I like this powder because it helps to keep my skin matte, and it’s not too powdery too.
 Sara's Everyday Makeup Look
Next I like to use a clear mascara to set my eyebrows and keep them from getting all crazy looking through the day. I just use a clear mascara & eyebrow gel from E.L.F. it’s only $1 and it works pretty good. Then I use a eye shadow primer from E.L.F. also, it’s only $3 and it works really really well, I’ve tried other more expensive primers and it works even better than the other ones. I just like spread it evenly all over the lid. As you can see I have a different technique than the “usual” way. It works.
Sara's Everyday Makeup Look
 Now for the eye-shadow. First I put a creme eyeshadow base on before I put on the powder eyeshadow, doing this just helps to brighten the eye up and help the eyeshadow last even longer. I use the Maybeline  Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Barely Branded.  Then I use a Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow trio in Walking On Eggshells, this is my favorite eyeshadow trio, I always use it when I don’t know what else to put on, and it’s really light and neutral so it won’t clash with what I’m wearing. And what’s nice is the shadows are stamped with where you’re suppose to put the color on your eye. I usually do that because I like to follow the rules. 
 Sara's Everyday Makeup Look
 Now it’s tome to line the eyes, I just tight lined my eyes then did a thin line with Smashboxe’s Limitless Eyeliner in black, and then I used a angled eye brush to even out the line so it doesn’t look crazy.(especially when I mess it up a little bit) Then I use 2 mascaras, the first one I use is Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in black, I put this mascara on first because it’s like a “base coat” to keep the 2nd mascara I put on from flaking throughout the day. For some reason if I put on a mascara without the Loreal one it just flakes off, but the 1st Loreal one keeps it on all day. Don’t ask me why, it just works. For the second mascara I use is the Loreal Volumionous Million Lashes Mascara, I like that mascara because it really lengthens the lashes and separates them. 

2nd Mascara 

*Note* I did put on blush but I did it really quickly so Hannah wasn’t able to get a good pic. I used Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box in the color Smooth Talker. (I couldn’t find the link for this, But Hard Candy products are sold at Walmart)  

For the lips I just put on Revelon’s Colorburst Lipgloss in Strawberry. It’s a nice pinky/red color that just helps to bring some color to the face. 
Sorry for the dumb faces I’m making I was laughing ridiculously hard. And yes I realize that my hair looks bad too. Mistake. Oh well.
 Now go feel pretty!
Sara's Everyday Makeup Look