DC Super Pets Character Encyclopedia
Author: Steve Korte
Release: July 2013

Every super hero needs a Super-Pet! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles, stats, and history about the DC Super-Pets and their owners. From Superman’s loyal dog, Krypto, to Batman’s heroic hound, Ace, this guide to the Worlds Greatest Pets has more than 200 DC characters, including many never-before-seen pets, all illustrated in Art Baltazars Eisner Award-winning style! With an introduction by legendary creator Geoff Johns, the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is sure to please comic book lovers young and old.

What I Thought:
I was super excited to get to review this book, basically because I love superheroes, and animals so naturally it was right up my alley- even if that alley is geared toward 13 year olds. Oops.
This book was just really fun. They have the main pets all lined out with some interesting things about them, as well as their super hero (or villain) owners. I loved the way they had everything laid out and put together. It was really, really, well done. 
Of course, my favorite thing about this book was the illustrations, they are so cute and awesome. I love the way that they portrayed all the characters and everything. If I were a small child, I’d be stoked out of my mind to get this book!

sample page from the book
In a Nutshell:
It’s a really cute book for kids. The illustrations are super fun and entertaining. I would definitely get this book if your kids are into superheroes, or the DC Super Pets series.
5 owls!

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*I received this book for free to review from Capstone Young Readers. All opinions, views, etc. are my own. Amazon link is to my affiliate account.