Hey guys! 
Today I wanted to share with you all a really easy, really cute gift that you can make for all of your friends and family!
I made some for everyone in my photography class (because they’re THAT cool) and they really loved it! 
This is basically a cupcake in a jar recipe, but with a little twist.
Here’s what you need:
1 Box White Cake Mix (all the ingredients it uses)
Jelly Jars (you can get smaller if you wish, or bigger, its up to you. I used the 12oz Jelly Jars)
Red Food Coloring
Green Food Coloring
Pillsbury Holiday Funfetti Icing (with sprinkles on top!)
First of all, you want to get some cake mix. I realize that some people are really against using mixes to make things, and yes its better homemade; but using the mixes for this really saves you a lot of time, and if you are planning on making a lot of these, you’ll need that time for sure.
buy the cake mix. I used Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix. Once you have your mix, you want to make it up just like the instructions say on the back. Once you have it all mixed together, split it up into 2 separate bowls. It doesn’t have to be super exact, you can eyeball it.
Then you want to add your food coloring. Put the red food coloring into one bowl, and green in the other. Mix the food coloring into the batter until you get the color that you want. It shouldn’t take a ton.
Once you have your batter colored just the way you want it, you can start adding it to the jars. Here’s a tip. I put batter in to about half the jar and it left me with no room for icing at the end, so i would suggest putting about 1/3 full so that you have plenty of room for icing and sprinkles, which is really the best part.
When you put in in the jar you want to layer the batter, putting in once layer of green and then red. It doesn’t matter if you get it a bit messy on the inside, it won’t look perfect after u bake it anyway.
Once you have your jars all filled, stick them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 mins (check and make sure that they are done before taking them out- stick em’ with a toothpick!)
(I have a cake in the oven because I made a small cake version of this for my family as well)
I had to trim mine down a lil because like I said, I used a bit too much batter. Don’t make my mistake, people!
 There you go! Christmas Cheer in a jar!
Once they’re completely cooled, you can then add your icing and sprinkles on top. 
Seal the lids, add a cool tag, and you’re ready to spread the love!
I used these super cute Peace, Love, and Reindeer Hugs Tags for mine! They’re free! Just go and print them out!
Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope its an awesome one!