We picked up our beautiful bundle of joy from Walmarts Site to Store! It was supa easy!
We picked up our beautiful bundle of joy from Walmarts Site to Store! It was supa easy!

What it’s about:
 The Volume collection lets you bare your softest hair! It has an invigorating blend of white grapefruit and mint extracts. It contains zero dyes to leave your hair naturally clean and full of irresistible volume! 
You can read more about the collection HERE.

Sara’s Thoughts:
I liked the whole line, but because I don’t use shampoo with sulfates normally I did notice that the shampoo made my hair a bit drier than it normally is. I still liked the shampoo and conditioner because I did have a bit more volume in my hair and I still had volume in my hair days after I washed it which is impressive since my hair is long and can loose volume after the second day. I liked the Souffle also because it added volume to my hair and didn’t weigh it down which is always a plus. The dry shampoo is really nice also, I don’t know if it’s clear or what but it’s not the white powdery stuff most dry shampoos are, it’s like a clear spray which is perfect if you have dark colored hair like myself. 
Overall I like the whole line and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some hair products that add a little boost to your do!

Hannah’s Thoughts:

I really liked this line. It seems kind of dumb, but the best part for me was the smell. They use grapefruit & mint extracts in it so the whole thing smells really good, which for me is always a plus with any kind of haircare products. I didn’t use the shampoo and conditioner for long because it didn’t say that the shampoo was color safe, and since my hair is bright red now, I only use color safe shampoo. I did use it for about a week before my regular dye job though. I honestly didn’t notice a huge difference in the volume of my hair after using this shampoo & conditioner, however I did notice it when used in conjunction to the souffle mousse. The mousse really worked well when I applied it to my damp hair n blow dried it out. It gave my hair a lot of volume which I liked. The dry shampoo was pretty good too. I use dry shampoo a lot since my hair is really oily, and plus has red color in it, which fades really fast and even faster if you wash it every single day. So yeah. Dry shampoo is really important for me. I liked that it seemed to be a different formula than traditional dry shampoos. It didn’t leave any residue or anything like that. My only complaint was that the bottle was too small! ha.
All in all I really liked the line and I’d recommend especially the styling products to someone who’s really looking to add some volume.

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* We were given Naked Volume collections for free for review purposes. All opinions, views, etc. are our own. The Walmart gift card and information have been provided by Herbal Essences