So all of this “polar vortex” weather has really inspired us this week – to stay warm! Last night it was -6 degrees. That’s flippin’ cold man. One of my friends even found a bird frozen to the ground today. Intense, man. Anyway, we’ve been really building up the layers everyday, so I thought that this WW I would share some of my winter essentials with you all.
First, you can’t EVER go wrong with a good pair of boots. It  may seem like no big deal to wear your tennies n’ everything, but it actually makes a huge difference when your feet are all dry and protected in boots. I like these from I also got a pair from Torrid that I’ve been wearing everyday and they are complete lifesavers let me tell ya. So yes. Get some boots!
2. A good sweater! I love to wear sweaters even in the fall and everything, but theyre even more important in the winter to wear under your coat so that when you shed your coat inside, you’re still toasty and warm with your sweater. I like this cute zebra sweater from Old Navy.I’m partial to more graphic sweaters like these.
3. Gloves! They keep your hands warm, especially if you have to drive anywhere. I like these because theyre thick and toasty but you can also use your touch screen devices with it. I know there are other texting gloves out there that require you to take the top of your gloves off n I think thats just crazy when its cold. So I would opt for these instead.
4. Hoodies! There’s nothing like a cozy hoodie to keep you warm. its great to wear even under your coat when its super super cold. Its also great if you get cold a lot inside but don’t especially want to wear your winter coat all day. I think this one from Old Navy is pretty cute.
5. Scarves complete everything. They keep your neck nice and warm, and make you look fabulous at the same time. Charlotte Russe really has some cute ones right now!
6. Peacoats! now, I don’t really have one – yet, but I’m jealous of everyone who does. They’re super warm and fashionable at the same time. I especially love when they come in bright colors. Kohls has this nice purple one on sale!
Well that’s it for this WW guys! have a good week, drive safe, and stay warm during this crazy polar winter!

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