Hey guys! 

So I decided to share with ya’ll this super simple meal I made the other night. I call it a “Man’s Meal” because it’s the typical meat and potatoes meal that most guys like. And since Father’s Day is in a few weeks this could be something you’d like to make for your father, of course you could make this any other time but that’s just something to keep in mind. πŸ™‚ 
I made up some grill seasoning before just to have for whenever I’m going to grill other meats/veggies in the future.

What you need: 
1 TBS of salt
1 TBS of pepper
1 TBS of garlic powder
1 TBS of onion powder
1/2 TBS of paprika 
1/2 TBS of dried parsley flakes
1 tps of chili powder
1 tps of red pepper flakes 
I just just put it all in a pint size jar with the lid and shake to mix. 
What you need for the steak:
EVOO(extra virgin olive oil)
Grill seasoning 

For the steak I just put EVOO and the grill seasoning on each side and let it sit and absorb the flavors
Then put the grill heat on low and grill for 5 minutes on each side. Unless you happen to light some on fire like I did. Oops.

What you need for the potatoes
5 or 6 potatoes-cut into bit size chunks 
A handful of grill seasoning 
About a tps of chopped fresh rosemary 

Cut the potatoes and put in the foil then add the EVOO seasoning and rosemary, then put another piece of foil on top and seal. Put on the grill for about 10 minutes on each side.
I put the potatoes on before the steak, and then put the steak on for the last 10 minutes to help cut the time. 
What you need for the mushrooms
1 lb of white button mushrooms 
*You could really use whatever kind you want, I just go these because they were the cheapest. Ha 
3 big garlic gloves, shredded or finely chopped
Salt & pepper to taste 

Cut the mushrooms in half or into quarter depending on how big they are, and put into the foil and add a good amount of oil so the mushrooms don’t get dry, garlic, salt and pepper. Then put another piece of foil on top and seal. Put on the grill for about 7 minutes on each side. 
Once everything is done, pile it all on your plate and devour! 

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