Hey guys! How are ya? Sara here.
So we’re going to start doing these “Geekin Out” posts where we basically talk about and give info on really anything that tickles out fancy. And these will be more personalized posts like what we individually pick. Cool?
So I wanted to rave about one of my favorite products ever. It’s coconut oil, it seems like lately everyone is using this stuff for cooking or beauty purposes. And that’s the nice thing about coconut oil, it has a TON of uses! It’s crazy man.
You can use it in place of a lotion which is great during the colder months, or if you have dry skin. It can also be used to remove your makeup, and as a moisturizer.
 Because it’s an anti-inflammatory, and it’s antimicrobial, and it has antioxidants. It won’t break you out, and it helps with anti aging. It also has healing properties, so it’s good for cuts or burns. I really like it because it’s all natural, I’m all for anything that’s all natural. Who wants to use some unknown chemicals on their face? 
Oh it’s also good for a hair treatment or hair mask. So if you have frizzy or dry hair it’s good for taming that frizz, and adding some moisture to you locks. 
These are just a few of the things I personally use coconut oil for, but there are still a ton of other things you can do with it. You can find CO pretty much anywhere these days, but I found that it’s usually cheaper to order it from amazon. And it does seem like you’re paying a bit of money for a jar of oil, but this stuff lasts forever because a little bit goes a long way, so it’s not really as expensive as you may think.

So that’s about it for this Geekin Out post! I hope you guys enjoyed learning about this great stuff. 🙂

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