Hey guys! So today we’re gonna show you all how to make some easy and simple wall art to decorate your house with! This is a really great project for anyone, not just you artsy people. To show you all just how easy it is, we decided to have Sara do these designs. She’s a marketing major, and is definitely artistically challenged.
To start this project off we bought a couple of 11×14 canvases. You don’t have to get anything super fancy, we just picked these up in a 2 pack from Walmart for around $6. You can also get different sizes, basically just whatever size you feel is right for your home.

 Then you need to pick out the paints that you want. Think of a good color scheme that you want to go with, or just let the inspiration flow. It’s up to you.
Sara went for more of an abstract look, which is great if you’re not very artistically inclined since you don’t have to worry about getting everything exactly right.
This would also be a great project for kids! Let them get involved in decorating their room, and just pick the colors for them to use.
 Then start painting! Sara decided after staring that she really liked the brushstrokes look so she decided to stick with that on her piece and layered light purple over the whole thing, then went back over and made little squares of brushstrokes in multiple colors, just based on where she wanted them. The great thing about an abstract piece is that the placement and look is up to you, and you’re not looking for perfection.

 For Sara’s second piece she wanted more of a structured geometic element to it, so she used painters tape to line what she wanted, and filled in the rest. You might want to put down a couple coats of paint so that its nice and thick. Just remove the tape when its dry and there ya go!

 Here are the final pieces. We decided to add a little bike on the first one to give it an extra element.
That’s some pretty spiffy & easy wall art!
Now go and make some yourself!!!!!!