Hey guys! So we decided to start to give ya’ll a more personal look as to what we do on a daily basis and update. I always like to see other bloggers show a little about their personal lives because you get to relate to the person. So if you’re curious about our lives here ya go!
If this looks slightly familiar is because this is the same lake we were at for the last WW. I always love going to any lake or somewhere where there’s a body of water. Despite the fact I can’t swim very well. Ha 
I also had a small plate of food at a local restaurant called Arch & Eddies that’s in out hometown. We finally tried the place and it’s pretty good. You can really tell they put quality in their food, and the sweet potato fries are amazing! 
Recently I’ve been into planting flowers and stuff. I’m not sure why but I’m into it, and it’s always fun to feel the dirt in your fingers and get a little messy. Also I realize I don’t have a picture of the flowers actually being in the pot. Fail. 
You guys already know we went to see GODZILLAAAAA. But for real this movie is amazing, just go see it, don’t think about it. Just go see it! 
For some reason I was wanting succulents, I’m normally not one to want a plant, but I really wanted succulents. I just really like the way they look, because they’re unique and different. Plus they’re super low maintenance, which I love because half the time I forget to water plants, so it’s perfect for me. HA 
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