Well, my week started out pretty interesting when I spotted this persons amazing choice of car decor. Nothing like a human skull on your dashboard to keep the thieves away!
My week got even better thanks to a sweet Vlife Cookout. It was really nice to get together with everyone, and eat some good steaks!

This week our Kroger Taste of Mexico Bzzkit arrived in the mail! I was super stoked about it because I love Kroger, and I think that this was a really fun event. We totally made something awesome with the caramel stuff by the way!

Kroger’s Taste of Mexico event is so much fun. I went in there and they had the front of the store decorated with the specialty items available. It was also really nice to see lots of cool samples and product demo’s as I shopped as well. I even picked up a cool recipe which I remade this week.
It was really yummy, lemme tell ya!
I made an awesome and super yummy fajita in honor of the Kroger event as well!

I really enjoyed a fun ladies meeting with Deb Kemp. The woman is hilarious, and she dropped some Jesus bombs about women’s issues. There was also food, which I liked. We all had a lot of fun, for sure.
Then I did some mowing and almost killed myself with the 0 turn capabilites. I’m definitely not used to that kind of fanciness man.
So yeah that was pretty much it for my week, see ya next week guys!

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