Hey friends! So I wanted to show you all how to do these super cool splatter nails!

What you’ll need:
1 or 2 straws
Paper towels
 And, nail-polish of course. I just stuck to three colors with a couple coats of white nail
polish already on my nails.
I usually like to use two to three colors, mostly because of the time it takes.

I just pick colors that go well together and one contrasting color being the green. I like to just have it be fun, this is not a serious nail look. Ha

The first thing you wanna do it take the tape and get three pieces, put one on the top of the nail above the cuticle, and each side of the nail. And do it on both hands. This just helps to keep the skin around your nail cleaner.

Next take your straws and cut them. have one for each color of nail-polish.

Then you just put one end of the straw in the bottle, take it out and blow on your nail. Repeat with each nail with one color. Then do the next colors. And you’re done with one hand!

Now wait for a little bit before you do the next hand. and repeat. Now comes the hard part. Waiting for your nails to dry. I usually wait for about 10/20 mins, take the tape off, then put on a topcoat. and Wait even longer. Use this time to catch up on your fav hour long show, or a movie. Oh and I will say there’s a chance your hands will have nail-polish on them but that will just come off with some nail-polish remover.
And you’re done and have a super cool and unique nail look!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and will try it out!

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