Hello friends! Since summers coming to an end we’ve had the chance to try out some sweet product to help us enhance our summer experience. Some of these products were really great,and we loved trying them but some were kind of a miss for us. Either way we definitely loved getting our surf’s up Voxbox! 

We wanted to take the time and share with you all, and let you know what we thought.

Hair that smells like summer 
This shampoo and conditioner worked really well, it made my really soft. It also really helped to moisturize my hair because it got damaged from when I left the bleach on too long and fried my hair up! Since then it’s recovered thankfully, the Not Your Mother’s conditioner really helped to give my hair some extra moisture. One of the most amazing things is it smells really good, it smelled like coconuts and awesome. 
One thing I will say is I don’t normally wear my hair the way the product recommends. It’s made for more like a beach wavy hairstyle, and I normally wear mine straight because of the cut. Regardless I enjoyed the shampoo.I didn’t really notice it “texturing” my hair,but I enjoyed it all the same. I recommend this for somebody who wants to look like a mermaid that just stepped out of the ocean with a beachy waves.

To relive or not to relive 
I also go the First Aid shot therapy headache relief to try out. I get headaches time to time and usually will take Tylenol to help. But taking a pill is boring! That’s why I have this First Aid shot therapy, it was quite odd and interesting to take a headache relief in liquid form. I’ll be honest and say, the taste was nasty, and had a bad aftertaste, but I’ve had nasty drugs before so I dealt with it. The most disappointing things about this stuff is it didn’t really work for me, my headache was too stronk. So I can’t really say much about this product except it didn’t really work for me. If you’re the type of person who has baby headaches it may work for you, but I’m back to taking boring pills.

Orange juice nails
I really liked getting this nail-polish in the box because I didn’t have a orange nail-polish before and now I do! I like this color because it’s a good color for summer,and when I look at my nails it reminds me of a tall glass of orange juice. Sinful Nail-colors are usually a pretty good brand and this was no different. The color is really opaque which is really nice because it took only two coats so I could get on with my life. We also featured it as one of the colors in out splatter nails DIY which you should totally check out here.

Soothe your flaming skin
If your’e like me and share DNA with a vampire the sun not always your friend. Thankfully there was a Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion in the box to soothe my skin. I’ve been doing a lot of mowing this summer and being in the sun took its toll on my skin. This stuff really helped me because it has aloe in it, and refreshes my skin after it has been baked in the sun. The smell was also really good because it smells like papayas which is a good summer scent. I’d recommend this to anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun, because it will make your skin feel more moisturized. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how the sun damages your skin and this helps to repair the damage.

Smooth moves 
I tried out the Jamba Fruit & Veggie smoothie, and got it in the Green Fusion flavor. This smoothie is awesome, I like to drink smoothies from time to time, and the things that can be annoying is having to get everything together to make the smoothie. With the Jamba smoothie that’s ready to go you just but it in your blender and put a liquid and blend. So it’s super easy to make. I tried the Green Fusion flavor because I like green smoothies, this stuff was awesome, I will say it’s not super sweet but I still drank it down. I would recommend the Jamba smoothie mixes for anyone who like to make smoothies, especially if you’re in a rush in the mornings.

* We were given this cat food for review purposes from Influenster. All opinions, views, etc. are our own.