This Week I…
Hey everybody, It’s Clark, I don’t have too many exiting things to talk about for this week,
but I tried to make the most of it and I hope all of you did as well, because that’s all we can do!

I forgot to tell you that last weekend I was given the opportunity to help another fellow director with his movie that he is currently making. I was in charge of recording the audio while we were filming on location last Saturday night. This is me holding a boom pole with a microphone on the end to get all the action, I felt so PRO! Exciting!

This week on campus was not bad at all the weather was getting slightly less hot with a breeze.
I definitely didn’t mind walking to all my classes in this weather.

The week started off great, I finalized my business cards assignment in typography, I thought they turned out pretty good considering I am really not adept at the program Illustrator.

On Wednesday, I discovered a shocking thing. I am a huge fan of the Mummy movie trilogy and i saw a movie called The Mummy Resurrected in a local Redbox movie rental machine and I was thinking to myself “What!, did they make a fourth one?, how did I not know this?, why weren’t there any trailers? A quick data hunt on my phone lead me to the conclusion that this was a low-budgeted horror/adventure movie about a mummy coming back to life in Egypt, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the original mummy trilogy. Why then did they try so hard at making it look like a part of the series. To me it seems like the low budgeted movie seen here on the left looks an awful lot like the cover of the third Mummy movie on the right. Same logo, text, composition, color scheme and layout. Come on now, I’ll give them props on making there own movie but thumbs down from me for clearly trying to market their movie on the back of a more popular movie series. Let me know what you guys think about the direct comparison of the two covers.    

On Thursday I hung out with Hanna and Sara as they got down to business and worked on homework and school projects.

On, Friday all three of us went to an apple festival to to make a new video for the blog, take some pictures and HAVE FUN!

Just yesterday I used some time off to take a much needed walk to clear my mind and get some fresh air and ended up marveling at the sheer scale of this bridge!

Later that night I went Krogering and got some much needed fruit smoothies to get my protein

I would like to end my week on a funny note while I was in the store with one of my friends and his girlfriend, we came across this, and my friends girlfriend was like “Oooh those flowers are pretty”, I couldn’t help but think that only a woman would notice flowers next to the overwhelmingly tempting pile of doughnut boxes. Personally I looked at the doughnuts first but hey what can I say, I’m a guy! haha