Hey guys!
My week has actually been fairly eventful, not that anything super exciting happened, its just that my normal weeks/weekends consist of just school and mowing.
This is what it looks like when I’m taking a break from mowing, and waiting for my Dad to finish his part. I usually park it at a table, drink my sweet tea, and wait. It was actually a really nice weekend for mowing. It felt kinda chilly with the falling temperatures which I don’t mind at all since putting up with the 90 degree heat.

I also got the rare chance to go out for dinner with my family after Sunday church service. We stopped at the Truck Stop (which I hadn’t been to in forever) and had this plate of heaven. I always forget how much I like their open faced beef until I have it again. It’s super yummy lemme tell ya! It’s also something I make my own version of at home sometimes. Open face meals are really easy to make, and really yummy too!
On the world of Facebook, I saw this story(which I screenshot and then couldn’t find again)  I think is pretty cool and crazy. My family would go fishing a ton when I was younger, and we were always amused by the weirdness that they ate/had in their tummies. This takes the cake tho, not to mention that the frog was super lucky to make it out alive!
Speaking of weird things in nature… I was in line at Kroger the other day, when I spotted this ink gem tattooed on a striking gentleman. In case you were wondering, yes it is a naked tiger lady holding some ferocious tigers on a leash, and yes this is real. Now, I’ve seen some interesting tattoos where I live, but this has probably been the oddest one I’ve seen in person. What does it mean? Is this guy big into women empowerment? Was it an ex because her face is kinda rubbed out? Is he a cat person? There are some things in life that really confound me, and this is one of them. I can say though, I won’t forget this catty tattoo anytime soon.

I also have a sneak peek for you guys! Here’s Sara & Clark hanging up one of our latest DIY projects. That’s all I’m gonna say about that because its sort of TBA, even though I just A’d it. Sort of…

This past week was also Apple Festival week in out hometown. If you follow us on Instagram, then you saw some of the fun we had there. I’m normally not a huge fan of the AF, mostly because of all the weird people there, but I braved the crowds with Sara & Clark to take some cool photos of us for an upcoming Wearable Wednesday. I also won this cute little dino from a shooting game, and he has since become my best friend (sorry Sara).

It was a good thing I went, to the AF or I  never would’ve found out about the latest trend that’s sweeping the nation! Bunny Earmuffs!!! They’re a must for the fall season! Seriously guys, Bunny Earmuffs are the new black. (I’m totally kidding)

Here are a few more shots of all the magic that the AF has to offer the people of Jackson County.

Probably my favorite thing about the AF, is getting my yearly Blooming Onion. I really love them and they’re amazing and definitely fattening, hence why I only get one a year. I love them so much, that I even stand in 20 minute lines to get them. Totally worth it though!

I also saw this guy while standing in line for my bloom of heaven. I really admire his sense of style with that shirt. He had so much swag, man.
Well, thats all for me this week, and I wish you all the best in your week to come!