Hey guys! So this week/weekend has been kinda crazy, hence the reason for the later posing. I’m sorry πŸ™ 
But by golly! I’ll still share with you guys on what’s been going on. 
Earlier this week I got a new phone and like a fool I didn’t backup all my old pictures. Whatever shall I do without all those pics of food and cats on my phone!?! But I’m making it through. 
Remember a few weeks back when I said that my cat Pepper has been obsessed with me? She still is. I was at my desk doing something and she jumps on me and sits on my shoulders like I’m a shelf or something. What in the world? 
If you guys read the other peoples TWIs you know that our town had their Apple festival this past week. It’s always a fun time, but I don’t get as excited since I’m not a kid anymore. But I always have to get some freshly made apple butter. Of course I don’t have a pic to show you guys. Ha But Apple butter is the bomb! 
Since I got a new phone I had to find a good screen saver thing. This one is a little bit cute I suppose. 
No but for real. This is the most adorable picture of a kitten. I’m gonna die! 
I took this pic when I was on my way home from work. The sun was so pretty with the clouds. Sometimes it’s nice to get a pic of the sun before it sets. Sunsets are too mainstream anyways. πŸ˜‰ 
Well that’s all for my TWI for this week! Again I’m sorry for the delay but you guys got some extra shots of coolness! 
Have a awesome week! 
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