Sara and I recently found these AWESOME decor items at TJ Maxx, but the only problem was, we didn’t like the color. This inspired a great DIY!
You guys can always redo something with spray paint and glitter. This is a really easy way to give a basic or old accessory and give it a new look and personalize it. It’s also a handy way to brighten up something you found at the store, but don’t really like the color it came in.

What You Need: 
Spray paint (whatever color you want)
Modge Podge 
Foam brushes 
Paper plates
A item of your choice to redo. Sara’s is the elephant head, Hannah’s is the owl.

Start off by spray painting the items, go over it all, let it dry and go over some spots if you missed any. You may have to do two or three coats depending on what you’re spray painting.

Once the paint is all dry Sara put Modge Podge on one tusk, and put the glitter on. I put the paper plate under the tusk when I poured the glitter on to keep it from getting everywhere. Then I repeated with the other tusk. To add even more sparkle I took some fake gem stones and put those on the eyes with Modge Podge.  

For Hannah’s owl she painted Modge Podge on the eyes and chest, then pour glitter on the glue.

Once the glue is dry seal the glitter with the Modge Podge. Then you’re done!

Now we have some pretty and fabulous things in our rooms!!
I hope that you guys enjoyed this and are inspired to revamp some old things, or even change up some new ones and make them unique!