Hey guys!
It’s so crazy that its already October! It seems like just yesterday we started our college classes again and it was boiling hot outside. Oh how time flies when you’re studying your life away.
I’m kind of glad its fall though, I love the cooler weather and finally being able to dig out my sweaters and scarves and wear them.
Last Monday I also finished my Typographic Roadmap project, which I actually really liked. I went with a sort of Candyland theme to mine. Basically we were supposed to make a roadmap from our house to the college using fonts and typography. I think I did a decent job. The bear is my favorite.
Last week I also got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. It was super fun let me tell you. It actually wasn’t too bad, except the one tooth which gave me oodles of trouble because it was all impacted and such. I was basically in pain forever. It was fun.

Yep. I took narcotics. Be jealous.

All of the tooth pain and swelling made me feel like a million bucks! Which you can tell from this photo.

Things got better though when we went across the bridge to our neighbors in Kentucky and picked up some supplies for the blog. I saw this giant inflatable cat, and immediately wanted it. I kind of wish I could own a real cat that big, it would be like having a real life Clifford. Plus I could ride it around town!

I also added this adorable little mug to my mug collection.
If you don’t know, I kind of have a slight obsession with coffee mugs. I always see cute or funny ones and buy them. I don’t know why, I just love coffee mugs. I know, I don’t have my own house or anything. Well, my parents end up using them too; but when I move out I’m taking all of my cool coffee cups with me! Until then, my mug collection will be filling the cupboards of my parents house, and making me smile when I drink my morning coffee.I also liked it too because it reminds me of my boyfriend. He always calls me panda, n says I can be a lazy panda sometimes. He’s not wrong. My brother also agrees that a panda is my spirit animal. According to him I’m cute and cuddly but can be mean if you mess with me or take my bamboo. I don’t know what hes talking about. GRR!
I’ve also been really working on my giant diamond in ceramics. It’s really coming along, and I’m excited to see it once its all done and glazed!
Well, that’s about all for me this week. How’s your week been?