Hi everyone it’s me Clark again, so some sad news is we will no longer be doing our this week I’s every week but will still give updates every other week.
So this past weekend I continued to film for my friends short film and we used some pretty cool sets props and lighting this time.
This is an image of a basement workstation set with old blueprints and a creepy greenish florescent lamp.
 This image is of an ice chunk Prop (In the plot this is excavated in Antarctica for mysterious items inside?!) We used light and dark blue lighting to make this ice block look as cold as possible.
But now to my week of college!, the first thing that I thought was funny and worth mentioning was that I went prop shopping with Sara and Hannah! and of course wherever I go silliness ensues. So in the spirit of Halloween I agreed to be eaten by a rare lawn decoration spider in front of a local Lows store.     
 The week went on rather uneventful besides working on my senior studio photography project which is to photograph a series of bugs and collect them into a final portfolio. I was bored looking for bugs so I decided to photograph my eye with a macro lens, the results were amazing! seeing all the individual strands of light and dark green strands that make up my iris was eerie and awesome at the same time. 
 The next day I found a new lovely model for my senior studio project. This caterpillar looks too cool and exotic for Ohio I was really surprised at how cool He/She was, having usually seen like two million plain brown worms this time of year. This made an excellent edition to my project. Now if they can just sign the model release form! haha
This Friday I went to a local pet shop to look at all the lovely animals that all need good homes.
I was particularly drawn to this loving, energetic, playful male black Labrador retriever.
I have a soft spot for labs owning three of my own, I find that they match my warm and goofy personality to a T. 
 And this dog was really sleepy and he looks like it too! I believe this dog is a mini hippo breed, and it is the cutest but most depressing face ever.
Ok, Ok, I know I am staring to sound like a re run of Too Cute on animal planet, but this wraps up my week of school and life in general hope everyone else had a good week as well.
 And just because I believe that everyone needs a good laugh every week I decided to share how I eat a cookie! #Clarkstyle