Hey guys! 
Hows your week going so far? I’m just getting to my This Week I post, so you can tell it’s been a busy time for me, busy, but fun!
A few weeks go our church had an really cool Rock the Block event. It was a bit chilly out but luckily they had a never ending supply of coffee, and loud music to keep people awake! ha!
It was a really good outreach though. I think its important to be present and reach out to the community and show them how cool Jesus, and the church is.
I’ve been really loving all of the fall baking supplies available in Walmart right now. We were running in to get some foil to do my hair, and ran across these gems! I especially love the turkey leg shaped cookie cutter. NEED!

Also it was my birthday recently (Happy Birthday to meeeee!) and Sara and I had kind of a yolo girls day. It was nice to just ditch my responsibilities for a day and do what I wanted. So I decided to go get myself a birthday balloon, My Little Pony, of course!
Sara also got me this adorable R2-D2 mug to feed my mug obsession! It’s perfect because its mug, and Star Wars, in one!!

We made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby to check out all the cool decor! We were super stoked about all the Christmas candy stuff. I would love to do my house and decorate our tree with this stuff.
Often my fortune cookies from eating Chinese turn out to be pretty accurate. This was definitely on spot for the day! Sara’s been my friend forever, and we always have new adventures, especially that day!

What better way to celebrate a birthday, and end a day than with some free Starbucks and some Pumpkin Spice cupcakes, right?!
As a last note on my week, this is an example of the quality cuisine that The Bears Den serves at my college.  Every time I eat there, I take a chance of contracting some sort of stomach flu, but hey, its cheap, and you can always eat a salad instead of pizza.

Hope you all are having an awesome week!
See ya!