Hey guys! First off sorry for skipping out on last weeks TWI, honestly nothing that exciting happened last week, But some stuff happened this week so here I am. Lol

I don’t know about you guys, but I love coffee ice cream and let me tel you the Turkey Hill Colombian coffee ice cream is sooo good. It’s really creamy and smooth, and has a nice strong coffee taste. And I like to put some hot fudge on top to give it a mocha taste. You better go out and buy it…now! 

Now that it’s finally getting colder I can wear my jackets and fringe boots again! I had a Wearable Wednesday awhile back where I wore them, and shared my love for them. I still love them and am obsessed with them. 

We took a trip across the river to do some shopping and the sun was so pretty with the river so I had to take a pic. Although you cant really see the river, but you get the idea. 

I also took a pic of the bridge itself, I think this bridge is cool because of the cable things. (sorry I don’t know the technical term.Ha 

I also got a little excited when we went to Lowes, and I saw the inflatable turkey. I don’t know what it is but I have a small obsession with turkey’s, I think they’re so cute and stuff. 🙂 
Well that’s it for rmy TWI! I can’t say if those other slackers will have anything up this week but who knows. Lol
Oh and PS, I edited all my pics on here with the VSCOcam app, I really like how it gives the pictures more of a quality look for a iPhone photo. And you can really customize the picture with the editing tools. Plus it’s free! 
Anyways I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! 
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