Hey guys! So for a heads up we’re gonna switch up our TWI’s, instead of having them be every week we’re gonna have them be every two weeks. It’s just a bit easier to do with our schedules, and sometimes some weeks aren’t too exciting, haha.
But onto my TWI! 
Last week I picked up this awesome Spider-Man coffee mug from TJMaxx. I’m not sure if I’ve expressed my feelings for Spider-Man before on here, but he’s one of my favorite superheros. I have a few superhero memorabilia things, but when I see a cool superhero item it’s hard for me to not buy it. Lol 
One day last week it was storming pretty bad, then in the middle of one of my last classes there was a tornado warning so everyone in the building had to go to the tornado shelter. Thankfully nothing happened, and everyone was safe. It was also pretty exciting, and a little scary at the time.

After all the excitement with the storming we went and took some pics for a Wearable Wednesday after it rained earlier, The sun was so pretty behind the clouds, It’s funny how it rained and was storming pretty bad earlier then it cleared up. Nature can be pretty rad sometimes. 

I saw this funny tire cover on someones car, I thought it was pretty funny. It brought back some memories of watching Looney Tunes when I was a kid. Oh those were the simple times =. 

I go this fortune from a fortune cookie and thought it was so true. I will admit I do get annoyed or frustruated from time to time with people. But I always get over whatever’s bothering me, and move on in life. 

Hannah and I stopped at the local Irish pub by our college earlier this week. I kind of missed going there because we haven’t been there since last semester. I forgot how good their food is too, it’s definitely an upgrade from the schools cafeteria food. Lol 
Well that’s all for my TWI. I’m off to bury myself in homework, it’s too much fun of me to handle.
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