Hey guys! Since we’re both college gals and have backpacks we thought we’d share what’s in our backpacks. The stuff that’s in our packs are basically our daily essentials for surviving a day on campus.

What’s in Hannah’s backpack!

Well the main thing that you’ll find in my backpack is books. I always have my books for my classes so that I can read up whenever I get a free chance. I also have my handy dandy notebook, folders, and sketchbook so that I can always be ready to take notes, organize handouts, and also organize my ideas for photoshoots and projects. One of the things that I also frequently have are my flash cards/study materials for my art history class. I always have a lot of artworks to keep track of and having a great study aide like flash cards really helps it stick in my brain.
Another thing that helps during a typical school day is to stay hydrated! I love the Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, it’s pretty much the bomb. I also keep my brain on point with a sugar rush in my Jolly Ranchers!
I also keep a few other things with me like my pencils & pens, floss to keep my teeth clean, and my Kindle Fire.
My tip for you guys is to basically keep your papers, notes and everything organized and in one place that way that you won’t spend hours searching, or lose things when you need them.

What’s in Sara’s backpack!

Books of course, I switch out the books with the days I have the classes so I’m not carrying a million books everyday. I like to have a 5 subject notebook too because I have all my notes for the classes in one spot. I have to my pencil pouch to keep all my essential marking tools together, and I like to keep a flash drive and stapler in there too. I like to keep syllabuses and handouts in folders, I like that 5 subject folder because everything’s all together, I have the extra one because I’m taking six classes  so I keep the stuff from that class in there.
I like to keep snacks with me in case I get hungry in between classes and don’t want to pay the big bucks for snacks from the vending machine. A water bottle is a must for me, I’m always thirsty and the water from the fountains here is a little questionable because our school is right next to a river, so I bring my own water. Ha
I always like to have ear-buds to listen to music when I’m doing homework, or watch a cat educational video on the internet when I have some free time. I also love to have my planner so I can plan out my sometimes busy life. 😉
The wallet and phone charger are self explanatory, and I love having the portable phone charger because I can charge my phone right away if it’s about to die.
And of course I need to have candy, and jolly ranchers candy is my favorite! Everyone should always have candy!
That’s it for mine, I hope you guys enjoyed this, and maybe got some ideas on how to organize your basic school essentials. And know no-matter what, have candy in your pack at all times.