Hey people! How you doing? 
So the past couple weeks haven’t been too exciting. Just busy with school and work as usual.But the good news is the semester is coming to an end…well in like 4 weeks. It’s close though. 
Anyways, on to what I’ve been up to.

A couple weeks ago I attempted to smoke meat for the first time. I know it seems random, but I had to do it for a marketing class. I basically had to make a meat smoking product and make a video out of it. I was slightly nervous about doing it because I’ve never smoked meat before, but it turned out pretty good. I may do it again when it’s not freezing though. Ha

 Last week Hannah and I finally tried this Japanese steakhouse we pass everyday going to school and got some sushi. I don’t eat sushi on the regular, but I really like it. I got the spicy tuna roll and a California roll, and really liked it. Needles to say we’ll be stopping by there more often. 

Last week I was feeling adventurous and wanted to make chicken curry. It turned out pretty good, but it wasn’t perfect, maybe once I get a good recipe and stuff we’ll have it on the blog? 
 Is anyone else noticing this pattern of me being more adventurous with foods? Lol 

I went shopping last week also and saw these super cute gloves, but unfortunately they were not on sale, and I was not going to drop $10 on some gloves! Ha Hopefully they’ll be on sale one day and I’ll snatch them up. 

When going in the changing room I couldn’t help but notice how short the mirror is. I didn’t angel my phone, this is my actual eye view. Being tall is nice, but sometimes things like this happen. It’s funny to me though. Lol #tallpeopleproblems 
That’s all for my TWI, now I’m off to go search for some eats.Have an awesome weekend! 
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