Hey friends! So these past couple weeks have been crazy, it’s getting towards the end of the semester and things are getting crazier than usual. But I don’t mind it, it just means it’ll go by quicker. Lol Anyways, on to what I’ve been up to. 

Lately I’ve been making oatmeal with vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and brown sugar. It tastes soooo good, it actually reminds me of a cinnamon roll for some reason. If you regularly eat oatmeal you should give this a try, it’s kind of life changing. Lol 

I finally hung up my elephant head last weekend and basically re-did the whole section of this wall. I should really give that guy a name, any suggestions?  Oh, if you wanna know how I gave this dude a makeover go here

This past Wednesday it was national cat day so naturally I had to wear my cat cardigan, and get a pic with Pepper, but of course she wanted to run away, but any other time she always wants to sit on me. Oh cats, they’re stubborn and will do what they want no matter what you them them do. 

Our school had a halloween carnival and dinner in the cafeteria this week too. I don’t celebrate halloween but I git excited because they had all kinds of different foods than what they normally have. I mean look at all those cupcakes!

Hannah and I got a chance to go get some Chinese food this week too, we haven’t had any since the summer probably, I actually don’t remember when I last had some. Ha The good news is it’s still amazing! 

Here’s a look at my planner, I always like to plan out my week for assignments and when I have to work and all that boring stuff. I find that when I make a list and write things down I’m more productive and get things done. 

Well that’s it for my TWI I hope you guys an awesome weekend, 
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