So the other day we recently got together for a little movie and we ate some Kroger chicken tenders (as you can see from our little video here), which wasn’t a bad thing to go with the movie if I do say so myself. Anyway, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy because Clark hadn’t seen it, and so we decided to share our thoughts about it with you guys!

What Sara Thought: 

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy back when it came out in theaters and absolutely loved it! And when I watched it again I remembered how good the movie is because I never watched it since the summer (so wrong, I know) but I loved it the second time I watched it. I like the fact that there was a movie about a series that isn’t as popular because Marvel has a lot of comic series that are good. I think GOTG has a good balance of comedy and seriousness and a good story. And I like Ronan as the villain,that blue skin and weird armor suit is something else!;) 
Anyways, I really loved the whole movie overall and can’t even find one things about it that I don’t like. Which is impressive for me. Ha 

What Hannah Thought:

Guardians for me was a really fresh breath of air from all of the seriousness of the Marvel movies so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but its nice to have something lighter and funnier like Guardians around. It reminded me of just how much fun comics can be, and that the movies should be too! I thought that the graphics were awesome in this movie. Everything felt so real and lifelike, even down to Groot & Rocket. I absolutely loved that. This was really well acted as well. Chris Pratt, and all of the other actors did really amazing. It was especially nice seeing Chris Pratt in a role other than Andy on Parks and Rec. I loved him on that show, and I’m glad to see him expanding his roles , getting some great parts, and ROCKING them. 
My only slight qualm with this movie is the villain. I didn’t really love him to be honest, and for me I really need to like the villain to truly take it over the top. Ronin just didn’t quite do it for me. Overall this is a really well written, directed, and acted movie and I really enjoyed it. Bring on Guardians 2!!

What Clark Thought:

    This movie was a surprising breath of fresh air compared to the over-hyped series of Marvel movies that have been coming out in these past few years. Although I believe this movie was over hyped as well, it surprised me in all the right ways. This movie lacked the “Epic” label that many other critics were claiming it was, but made up for itself with the high octane character driven plot. Even though I am not familiar with the origins of these characters there was a certain onscreen chemistry where all the people, animated or live action, were able to all come together and be believably strong and fight evil. The humor was just right to keep the interest of the people who would potentially find the plot boring at first to stick with it to the very end. In conclusion one of the most impressive things about this film for me was the character Groot. First of all he is computer generated, second he is a living tree and third he can only say one thing, I AM GROOT! But despite all this he still managed to be one of the most expressive and emotional characters in the movie and I think that speaks volumes about the director and computer animator.