Today is totally Saint Patrick’s Day! Woohoo! To celebrate the day, and recall some of my Irish heritage I thought that I would share my recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage with you all! This is something that my family and I make pretty often. It’s a recipe that my Dad learned from my Grandma, and she learned from her mom and… you get the picture. This is a family dish from our Irish/German heritage that we really love!
Here’s what you need:
1 head of Cabbage
1lb bag of Baby Carrots
2 Cans Corned Beef (Hormel recommended. not all Corned Beef is equal!)
6-7 Potatoes
2 onions – the more the better!
1 Stick of Butter
Your first step is you want to cut up your cabbage. I usually start by cutting the head into 4 pieces. Next you want to get rid of the core of your cabbage. (You can much on this later, or just throw it way, up to you!) Then you want to just shred it. Put your cabbage, and the bag of baby carrots into your pan along with about 1 cup of water(I forgot to buy baby carrots so I substituted canned carrots in at the last step). Don’t be afraid if it looks like there’s no room! Your cabbage will cook down a lot.Tun your burner on medium heat and let it start cooking while you get the rest of your ingredients ready. I usually start the cabbage and raw carrots early because they take the longest to cook all the way through.
You want to get your other ingredients together next by slicing your potatoes, onion, and crumbling up the corned beef. Next mix them all together fairly evenly.

Once your cabbage is cooked down a little bit, like in the photo above, you add in your potatoes, onion, butter, and about 1tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of pepper.
Let this cook for about 8 minutes, and add in your corned beef. We usually save the beef for last so that the flavor stays in well, and doesn’t cook down.
Continue cooking on medium until your cabbage are carrots are nice and tender.

Once everything’s all tender, put into bowls, salt to taste, and serve! This recipe will make a lot for us, so we usually have leftovers to eat the next day. This is a great meal if you’re looking for something hearty that will reheat well as leftovers. It’s especially nice in the fall and winter when you’re looking for something hearty and warm to eat.
Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!!

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