Man, the weather here in Ohio has been pretty crazy lately. Last week we got an early Spring Break thanks to the Snowpocalypse that went through the area. We got 12-15 inches, which is really crazy for here, normally we don’t get nearly that much snow all at once. Yet after all of that snow, it was like 50 degrees and sunny on Monday when we took our Wearable Wednesday photos… and there was still snow on the ground. That’s typical of crazy Ohio weather. We can have spring, summer, fall, and winter all in the same week. ha. It really keeps you on your toes.
I DEFINITELY don’t mind that its been getting warmer. I am so tired of the cold, and the snow. I was pretty excited that I was able to go outside with just my sweater on, and not feel like I was being slowly frozen solid.
Besides, I could really show off the Druzy Necklace and Earrings I picked up from Cents of Style‘s Fashion Friday sale a few weeks ago. If you guys haven’t checked out Cents of Style yet, you should totally do it. Sara introduced it to me, and told me about all of the deals on accessories that you can find there and it really is great. Every Friday they have a different special going on in addition to their normal sales that you can check out. Thanks to their Fashion Friday sale I ended up getting the necklace and earrings BOTH for $9.98! That’s a discount of $19.92 people. You totally can’t beat that.

Also, keeping me warm and cozy when the wind was blowing, as my handy dandy fleece lined peacoat from Torrid. I picked up this coat up early in the season because I wanted something that was a little more light and casual than my big winter coat. This one is pretty much perfect for me because not only is it nice and warm, it also feels casual and comfortable thanks to the material. It’s a totally nice casual coat – with a fancy look!

Fleece Peacoar – Torrid
Bri Druzy Earrings – Cents of Style
Rough Cut Druzy Necklace – Cents of Style
Sequin Sweater – Torrid
Shoes – Payless
Scarf – Rue21
Well, that’s all for me this week guys. Have fun and get out and enjoy that heat wave!
 photo sarasig_zps970a0a54.png