Top-Old Navy (similar)
                                                          Jeans-Walmart (similar)
                                                          Boots-TJMaxx (similar)
                                                        Glasses-Walmart (similar
                                                                Hey people!
 So today I decided to get really crazy and wear a leopard sweatshirt I wrote about in my fall wishlist. I  got the sweatshirt a little bit after I did that post because it was on sale and it quickly became the most worn piece of clothing I have. Sad I know, but oh well.  Lately I’m finding myself doing things that are a little outside of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and other things) and I’m liking it. It’s nothing crazy,but just small things like wearing a lipstick or wearing a statement necklace with a sweatshirt, and feeling a litter fancier on a Tuesday. Oh and if if you didn’t notice I’m wearing glasses now. I recently had to start because I would get migraines if I didn’t wear them. So now I have to wear them all the time, Which I wasn’t expecting at this point of my life,but I guess that’s life. Lol. Ok, enough talking, I hope you have a good week ladies and take a chance with your fashion choices!
                                          photo sarasig_zps970a0a54.png