Hello there! Since summer is upon us and pattern pants have been really trendy lately I wanted to show you guys how you can wear them in different ways rather than wearing them with only one top.
I actually wore this look last summer in a WW look after I got these pants. This look is more dressed up because of the cardigan. Cardigans are my go to way to make something more dressed up, they can make something that’s casual look more dressy, like a plain shirt or casual pattern pants. Ha 
If you want to see more of this look go here! 

Stripped top-Old Navy (similar)
Pineapple Tank-Cato (similar
Pants-Walmart (similar
These other two looks are more casual and a little more crazy since the pineapple tank isn’t as plain, and pairing it with these pants gives it a summer vibe and works well together. The stripped top is really crazy because it’s another pattern, but it works because it’s a more subtle pattern. sometimes mixing patterns can turn out really great and add some more uniqueness to your look. Just because something that isn’t traditionally worn together doesn’t mean you can’t wear it together. You can experiment with mixing patterns on your own and remember that just because is something that’s against the fashion “rules” doesn’t mean you have to follow them. After all rules are meant to be broken! 
Well that’s how I style these pattern pants! If you ladies want to see more of these kinds of posts let us know and we’ll do them for you.

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