Top-Khols (old, similar
Jeans-JCPenny (similar)
Sunglasses-Don’t remember. Ha (similar

Hey people! Since the 4th of July is this Saturday I wanted to get festive on here. Something I did was keep the look simple, because that’s what I think summer is all about. Having a simple and laid back style. I don’t know what it is but I have always liked the 4th, Maybe it’s because I really like the American flag, or hot dogs?  I kid, it’s really because I do love America and what this country offers, Yes there are things constantly happening that make people upset and have debates on the internets, and in real life, but something to remember is America still offers many things that other countries don’t offer. We should be grateful for the freedom we have.
 I know this more serious for a WW post, especially since I’m holding a hot dog in the pic above, but I want to be real with you guys. Oh I also like the Fourth of July because of the fireworks, because what’s cooler than danger?
Have a happy holiday weekend!

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