Hey people! If you’ve followed our blog for awhile, you know that both of us love cats and anything that related to cats. So since today is International Cat Day we wanted to make some delicious cat themed cupcakes to celebrate the day properly. We also made them piña colada flavored because its summer, and who doesn’t like some pineapple & coconut?!

We do not claim to be cake decorators so our cupcakes may look like something a little kid made but we tried our best and that’s what counts, right? Its all about celebrating cats & making delish cupcakes!

What You Need- 
A vanilla cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 cup of pineapple juice
1 can of icing 
Shredded coconut
M & M’s 
A flat candy
(you can use whatever candies you like but we choose these because they worked for the faces) 
First just make the batter like you normally would using the box cake mix, but replace the water with the pineapple juice, and the oil for the coconut milk. This makes the cake extra moist and gives it the pineapple flavor.

Once the batter is made put it in some super cute cupcake liners or cups. We picked up these adorable ones from Pick Your Plum when they were on sale. These cupcake cups are basically the best thing ever. We love that you don’t have to use a muffin tin, and they totally stand on their own on the baking sheet! After you fill your cups, bake them according to the instructions on the cake mix.

After they’re done and cooled you’ll want to ice and decorate them. This is where the fun starts. We just iced them and put toasted coconut on top (for the cat fur), then used the candy for the details of the face. We just kept it pretty basic, but if you have more skills & talent you can do more.

This would also be a really fun dessert to make if you have kids who love cats, or for a birthday part, really whatever you want. We just wanted to have fun and get in the spirit of cat day!

That’s it for this purrrrfect dessert, and Happy International Cat Day! Let us know how you plan to celebrate this special day with your furry friends!

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