Hey guys! It’s been a little while since my last This Week I… post, so I need to catch you all up!

 Over the winter, I went on a mini vacation to Costa Rica to visit a friend there. I love the country so much, and I can’t wait to go back. Everythings so amazing there; the food, the people, the land. I just fell in love.
I spent Christmas there and it was a whole other Christmas experience – warm weather for a change!
I also loved experiencing the culture and different things. The day after Christmas I headed down to the Tope Nacional and saw some amazing horses from breeding farms and other places in the area. I got a lot of awesome pics! You can totally check those out on my photography website here. I’d also like to give a shout out to the awesome folks at the Costa Rica Guesthouse, who made my stay wonderful. I felt so warm and welcome in their guesthouse, it was almost like a second home! If you’re looking for a cozy, authentic experience in CR I totally recommend them.
I also took a trip to Washington D.C. with my Art Club buddies earlier in the year. We raised the funds to be able to visit this magical place! It was my first time ever in DC and I really liked it. I love big cities, and this is one of the biggest. There was SOOOO much to see and do, it was awesome. We also got to see some amazing artworks, visit the Holocaust museum, the Smithsonian museums, eat great food, and more! It was a totally blasty blast and I would go back in a heartbeat.
I also graduated college! Yay! It was very happy and very sad all at the same time. I’m looking ahead to the future and ready to tackle it! 
I’ve also added some pretty boss coffee mugs to my collection. If you don’t know I have a ttttiiiiinnnnyyy obsession with coffee mugs. I’m always on the search to find cool, funny, or unique ones. I found some of these at TJ Maxx, and the cherry blossom one I bought in DC. The leaves don’t blossom until you put hot coffee in it, which I think is the coolest thing ever.
We also had some pretty heavy rains early in the summer here in Ohio. My house was almost flooded! Luckily we, and everything were ok but it was still pretty scary/exciting. Mother Nature is still a boss.
More recently, I’ve been gardening my little heart out trying to get my house looking pretty! I also made a pretty sweet planter at my grandmas house from cement bricks. There’s more to come on the gardening front, so get excited!
I also shot an adorable wedding recently! This couple was so fabulous and I really enjoyed photographing their wedding. There were a lot of funny moments, and it was all so perfect. You can check out more pics from the wedding on my photography website.
I’ve also performed the 6 month purge on my bedroom. If any of you know me, you know that I can let my bedroom really build up the clutter before I clean it. Its like my cluttered inner sanctum. Regardless, I wanted to make some changes in there, so I had to clean up my act! It’s a lot brighter and cleaner now that’s for sure! I even re purposed the Rubik’s cube box I made in high school into a cute planter. Pretty cool, right?
I’ve also been hard at work on the blog content with Sara. We’ve really been going hardcore with planning and creating new content. I hope you are loving the results so far. We know we are!
Well, that’s pretty much all for my little summer catch up edition of This Week I. Now, you totally know what I was up to man!
As I wrap this post up for the week, I have a final question for you all….
What in the world is this fruit??? We found it in Kroger and have never seen it before. Someone please enlighten us, and let us know if you’ve ever tried it before! You can totally write us here, or on FB or Twitter and tell us what it is, and how dumb we are for not knowing.
Until next week…
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