Hey guys! Well, the past few weeks have been pretty busy around here. Unfortunately it’s been more because I’ve worked a ton rather than had tons of fun. That’s kinda what life is though, right?
I did get to my local Walmart to browse some of the ultra cute Pioneer Woman cookware/housewares that they’ve brought out. I’m a huge fan of Ree and her show so I was super stoked! I love all of the cute things she has in her collection, I wish I could buy them all!

I also rescued some more discount plants. This time I got quite a few houseplants to give to my mom for her birthday. She always talks about how she wants houseplants and ferns again, so I decided to load her up with some! I also picked up some discounted red mums to replace my dahlias for the fall weather.

I love all of the awesome summer produce we’ve been having thanks to our garden. Baked zucchini, fresh corn, and tomatoes! Yum!

Recently I’ve also discovered a couple of good eats that I really love. These chips called One Potato Two Potato chips are simply amazing. Plus they’re much healthier than regular potato chips. They’re gluten free, non gmo, etc etc. I especially like that they taste exactly like sliced root veggies, and baked, not like the weird corn tortilla sweet potato chips I’ve seen. I definitely recommend it if you need a healthy potato chip alternative. I found this one at Sams Club.

Also at Sam’s I got to try some of this UNBELIEVABLY amazing Pumpkin Seed Gouda cheese. I mean, I love cheese, and this was so so so good. Sadly my budget can’t quite afford cheese that costs $10 a pound. A girl can dream though, right?

I was also super excited to see how awesome our Upcycled Maple Leaf Candle Jar looked. I wanna light it up 24/7. So cute!

I finished my little bookcase for my storage drawers as well! I needed a bit more storage space for paints, props and that sort of thing so I wanted to add some plastic drawers. However, I didn’t want to just set in some drawers, so I made a little table to go over them. That way I could have some table space to decorate as well. Pretty nifty, huh?

I’m really excited to start of this project as well. I’m gonna make some wooden porch pumpkins to decorate with for fall. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

My Pinkachu Hydrangea is finally turning pink! It’s supposed to be half white/pink. I picked it up at Walmart as a rescue earlier in the summer.

I had some seriously good hair days this past weekend. Not kidding people, I looked fabulous. I was also excited to break out my long sleeved shirts and sweater kimono. Yay fall!

A shopping trip to TJ Maxx always reveals some amazing goodies. I picked up a few things to use for the blog, as well as a new facial mask to try. Hopefully it makes my skin look even more fabulous than it already is! 
My brother and I also stopped in to Olive Garden this weekend and ate some food. Their food is always amazing, but we were pleasantly surprised by the new menu options. They now have a MUCH cheaper pronto lunch combo that is really really nice. It’s nice to know now we can go for lunch at Olive Garden without paying a small fortune. I had some of the Portobello Mushroom Ravioli. As you can see, it was so yummy I started digging in before taking a photo. ha

Lastly, I had the honor of shooting these lovebirds wedding on Saturday. It really was a beautiful wedding and I can’t wait to finish editing the photos. I might die from adorableness though, by the time I get done.
See what I mean? These two are so stinkin’ cute.
Well, that’s all for me this week. So what did you guys get up to the past few weeks?
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