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If you’re like us, you love enhancing your home with lovely fragrances throughout the year, especially during the fall season. I mean, who doesn’t love to come home to amazing smells like Banana Walnut Bread, and Pumpkin Apple Harvest?! Plus adding a few candles and home fragrances are an easy way to decorate for the holidays, and give your party a ambient boost.

Thankfully we had some  American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles to help us with our fall decorating, and ambiance making! These candles and home fragrances are also now available in Walmart stores.This is great news for people like us because now we can have all of the fragrance joy of Yankee Candle, close to us. The collection is also really convenient for us, since we don’t live near an actual Yankee Candle store, but we do have Walmart. The price difference is pretty competitive as well. They’re priced to fit pretty much anyone’s budget. You can totally find all of these in the home fragrance/candle section at your local Walmart!
Not only can these candles be used to create the mood and lift the spirits, you can also use the jar when your candle has melted to create more great fall decor. We love upsyceling old items, so these jars are great for doing that. In fact, we’re gonna show you all how to make this wonderful Maple Leaf Candle Jar just like ours above. Just follow the instructions very carefully, and you’ll have your very own fall decor masterpiece.
Here’s what you will need:
American Home by Yankee Candle® brand Candle Jar (only $14.93)
1 American Home by Yankee Candle® brand 1.75oz Sampler Votive Candle (Only $1.43)
1 aluminum cake pan
Fall Glitter – We chose a nice orange and brown
Modge Podge
Exacto Knife – or anything you can use to punch small holes
The first thing that you want to do is measure your jar. You want your wrap to sit just below the lip of the jar. Mark a line using a marker, and cut the sheet. You will also need to trim the sides off, so all you are left with is a flat sheet.
Once you’re ready to put on your design, find yourself a template. We just used a fake maple leaf and sketched a small design. Once you’ve sketched your design, start poking holes. You want to make them small and just stick with an outline. The best design for this thing, is a simple one.
Once you have your design all punched out, take some modge podge and put it on your leaf. After you’ve got a good amount on there, you can add the glitter. We chose to make our design orange and brown but you can choose whatever colors you would like. Once the leaf glitter is on, modge podge the rest, and put the other color of glitter on.
You want to let your glitter layer get nice and dry before continuing. If its not dry you will take the glitter off trying to get it in your jar.
Once it’s all dry, roll the pan and put it inside the jar. Let it unroll a little once it’s there.
That’s it! Simply add one of the American Home by Yankee Candle® brand 1.75oz Sampler Votive Candles, and light.
This is such a cute little holder to add to your fall decor. You can pair it with some other American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles to really complete the scape.
We used our little jar, plus  American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles to make this cute little tablescape for Sara’s kitchen table. It was really easy to put together using some faux gourds, apples, and leaves. Plus our  American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candle of course! We’re also really loving the fall trend (and just trend in general) with owls. It’s especially appropriate for the fall season, so we broke a few pieces out to get in the spirit of fall. 
We also used the candles to bring some fall inspiration to Sara’s mantle. We added some strings of white lights to really enhance the fall glow we had going on. Of course, we finished things off with  American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles in Banana Walnut Bread and Buttercream Frosting(19oz Large Apothecary Jar Candles $14.93).
Now, thanks to  American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles we’re totally ready to get our fall on! Now if we can just get the weather to cooperate with us everything would be perfect!
So you’ve seen how awesome these American Home by Yankee Candle® brand candles at Walmart are, and how great they are for decorating. What are some of your favorite fragrances of fall, and how do you use them in your own homes?  
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