House Number Glitter Pumpkins

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna share this cool Glitter House Number Pumpkin DIY project that we did for Sara’s front porch. Since fall is definitely in the air, she decided that her porch needed to embrace it. Naturally we found something super cute to make.

Sara’s mom already got the jump on us with the decorating plan. She started styling the doorway with some corn husks that she found really cheap at the store. Also, if you know anyone who grew corn this past summer, you can ask them for some before they mow it down. She also got a few pumpkins and put up a fall wreath.

Saras Fall Porch Decor

To continue with the decorating, we got some more pumpkins and decided to paint them with Sara’s House number; and added glitter to them, because glitter makes everything better. Obviously.

Pumpkins Used

To make this project, here’s what you’ll need:

Black, Pink, and White Acrylic Paint
Craft Glitter in cool Fall Metallics
Modge Podge

House Number Glitter Pumpkins Painting

The first thing you need to do is come up with a great design! We just kind of winged ours to be honest. We wanted more of a rustic handmade look, but if you want you can print out your own stencil to use. Once we came up with the design we wanted, we just painted the pumpkins. We also wanted a cool Breast Cancer Awareness pumpkin, to share our support, so we did that as well.

House Number Glitter Pumpkins Modge Podge and Glitter

After your paint is dry, brush on a bit of the Modge Podge. Try to get it on fairly thick so the glitter will really take hold. After applying the Modge Podge, sprinkle on your glitter. Make sure to get a generous amount on so it’s all covered.

House Number Glitter Pumpkins Glitter

Basically you just repeat these steps for all of your pumpkins. This would also be a great thing to do if you have kids. They can come up with the design for the numbers, and you could help paint and glitter them. Yay learning numbers reinforcement!

House Number Glitter Pumpkins Breast Cancer

That’s pretty much all there is to it! Just let the pumpkins dry, and sit them in a place where everyone can see how awesome they are – and be jealous.

So how do you guys decorate your porches for the fall season? Leave us a comment or connect with us on social media & let us know!

Happy decorating – and we hope no one smashes your DIY’s this Halloween.

House Number Glitter Pumpkins

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