So, what do graphic tee’s and bellybuttons have in common? We all pretty much have them (unless you’re Kyle XY of course).

Since graphic tee’s are such a basic in any woman’s wardrobe I wanted to show a few easy ways to style it! What I love about graphic tee’s is how versatile they are. You can wear it dressed up, dressed down, or somewhere in between. I also love using graphic tee’s in my wardrobe to help enhance my personality and let it shine, all while looking completely fabulous of course.

My first look is from a past Wearable Wednesday where I wore a long sleeve graphic tee with skinny jeans. This is your pretty standard, casual look. I also styled them with my more graphic striped flats to give some sass to my outfit.

Graphic Tee Casual

My next look is my “business casual” look for a graphic tee. I wanted to take a fun graphic tee and dress it up a little bit. I paired this Wonder Woman Tee with some printed harem pants and a cardigan. The harem pants can be a fun casual thing or you can easily dress it up by adding a cool cardigan like I did here. This look takes the graphic tee out of the typical “jeans and a tee” territory and more into “acceptable for a potential event”, so to speak.

How to Style A Graphic Tee

My last look is my look from a few weeks ago with my checkered skirt. This look shows that you can dress up a tee and really make it something classy and fabulous to wear. I would totally be cool with wearing this to a meeting with a potential photography client, to a gallery opening, or just about any day event.

How to Style A Graphic Tee

They you have it ladies. Just because you love graphic tees, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of sweats and jeans. You can find cool ways to dress up your tee and go from couch potato, to sassy business woman in no time!

Check out some of my top graphic recommendations in the widget below!

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