Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Try The World

This is it, everyone. There’as only 2 days left until Christmas! YAY! To get you all in the holiday spirit we decided to share our Try The World Holiday Box with you this week.

If you didn’t already know, Try The World is a gourmet subscription service, curated by chefs, that sends you items from different places around the world. Their last box was from Spain, and we totally loved making the Patatas Bravas using the ingredients in the box. The boxes contain items that you can cook with, and snack on, as well as some recipe ideas, and a culture guide showcasing different music, movies etc from the country. The Holiday Box was a little bit different than the normal boxes in the fact that it wasn’t limited to a specific country. It showcased some holiday treats and snacks from all over, all in one box.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Try The World

The Holiday Box mostly had sweet treats and snacks for the holidays, like the Ginger Snaps from Sweden, Cocoa Dusted Truffles from France, and more. It also included some goodies to use in recipes like the EVOO from Israel, Acai Sauce from Brazil, and Dried Fruit. (Spoiler alert – we’re definitely making a breakfast with these!) Naturally you have to have something to drink to go with all the sweets, so we had the Mind Awakening Verba Mate tea! Hannah’s Dad loves loves loves tea, so naturally we let him try some and it definitely has his approval, as well as ours! 

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Try The World

We also love the new culture guide design that they brought out with this box. It’s totally modern in design. Not only does it look fabulous it has a really cool key system to let you know which products are organic, fair trade etc. It also gives you a bit of background about each individual product and company.

Our favorite part of the new design is the recipes! On the flip side of the guide it gives some tasty tea time inspired recipes to make. So much inspiration! That is probably the thing that we love most about getting Try the World; the inspiration. I mean hey, you get to try things from around the world that you otherwise might not have ever given a chance – plus use them in your recipes. That’s some serious awesome!

You can sign up for your own subscription, using the banner below, or just checking out the site.

Let us know what awesome country you would like to visit with your box?

Try The World

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*We were sent a holiday box for free by Try The World, in exchange for our honest opinion & post. May contain affiliate links.