Neversaid Book Review

Today’s read I’m sharing with you guys is Neversaid by Carol Lynch Williams. It’s a book about two twin sisters who had started to grow apart from each other when Annie, the pretty, popular sister suddenly does a 180 and chops her hair off, gains weight etc. Annie hides a secret and Sarah is on a journey trying to get back with her sister and be there for her emotionally. 

I was very intrigued by this book right away. It’s written in a very unique way, splitting the book between the tones, point of view, and voices of each of the twin sisters. While one sister’s is laid out like a normal book, the other sisters is written more in verse(poetry) form. It was really interesting and clever to show the differences between the two sisters even through the way that their story was written. I totally appreciated that. That being said I’m not sure how much I really liked this book. It was a really quick and short read. I think that there lies some of the problem. I felt that the characters and the situations that they were in, weren’t properly given their time. I didn’t feel a lot of the girls characters, and I think thats because everything was so short and to the point. I feel like the author should have taken her time with really developing everything and making you feel for the characters. However for a YA book I thought that it did talk about a lot of issues that teenagers can relate to, social anxiety, eating disorders, etc. So I think that if a teen who could relate to any of these things picked up this book they would immediately be drawn in.

Overall I thought that this book was ok. I liked its unique style, the way that it was written. Although I feel as if there could have been more time spent on character development and really making the reader feel for these characters.

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*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review