5 Ways to Stay Moisturized this Winter

Since winter is in full swing and it’s the time of the year when everything seems to be dry – including your skin & hair. Nobody wants to have dry skin, am I right?

So I wanted to share some of my methods and the products I use to stay hydrated and moisturized during these winter months.

1. Use a hydrating body wash/soap.
I always like to use a good soap that has moisturizing ingredients like Shea butter or coconut milk. I like to use the Dove Body wash because it’s really moisturizing and my skin doesn’t have that tight dry feeling after I get out of the shower, especially on the days I skip putting on body lotion.

2. Lotion up!

Something I always do to keep my skin moisturized is to use a good body lotion. I’ve tried many different lotions and body creams out there, and the one I always go back to is the NIVEA Extended Moisture Body Lotion. I love this lotion because it’s light and really keeps my skin hydrated. Plus I love how it smells; I can’t place what the scent is but I’m obsessed with it.

3. Body cream.

Now if you have extra dry skin or some extra dry spots like your feet or hands it’s time to use some cream. You shouldn’t use just any body cream! I use the Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream. This cream is amazing because a little bit goes a long way and it makes your skin soft and hydrated. Since I wash my hands a lot when I’m at school and work I need a good hand cream. I like to use the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream, I’ve been using this hand cream for years and it’s one of the greats because it keeps my hands soft and moisturized. 

 4. Go nuts with coconuts!

If you like to be on the more natural side use coconut oil. I actually did a whole post talking about the benefits and uses of coconut oil that you can find HERE. So I won’t go into why you should use it, but it is one of the best moisturizes you can use, plus it smells good! 

5. Water water water!

The absolute best way to stay moisturized is to drink lots and lots of water. I feel like this should be common sense but drinking a lot of water is the best way to keep your body hydrated, and that keeps your skin hydrated. 

Well that’s all of my tis on what I do to keep my skin soft and hydrated! Leave in the comments below if you have any other tips! Have a good week! 

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