Wearable Wednesday:Plaid and Fringe

 Wearable Wednesday:Plaid and FringeWearable Wednesday:Plaid and Fringe   Wearable Wednesday:Plaid and Fringe

Scarf-Cents of Style  (It comes in a lot of other colors too!) 

I have a small confession to tell you guys. I can’t stop buying hats and scarves! It seems like anytime I go shopping and I’ll walk/look through that section of the store or online I’ll see a hat or scarf (or both) on sale and I’ll have to buy it. It’s no secret that I love scarves and hats, but lately my obsession is growing. But I don’t have a problem with it, I say it’s okay to give into and indulge into temptation sometimes, as long as it’s the good kind! 

Anyways, we took these pics on a crazy windy but warm day a couple weeks ago. And now it’s 30 degrees outside with sow on the ground, it is crazy. I like a outfit like this because I could easily wear my coat and be warm but still comfortable. I feel like we always talk about being comfortable in our WWs but we like to be comfortable, call us crazy. 

I hope this was an inspiring post and have a happy Wednesday! 


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