Hey guys! Hello and welcome to the 19th edition of The Morning Brew – with the BFF’s! If you’re one of our email subscribers (which you totally should be!) then you know that we love sharing our weekly favorites as well as a little bit about what we’ve been up to during the week when we weren’t blogging. It’s a lot of fun for sure! Well, now we’ve decided to expand this by starting a weekly post on Monday morning’s. We’ll be sharing little bits of our weeks, rants and rambles, as well as some of the things that we’re loving. So grab a nice cup o’ Joe (or tea) and chat with us this morning. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past week as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to. 

The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13

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Here are a few of the things that we just couldn’t get enough of this week:

Sara Weekly Loves Graphic

 The Morning Brew - with the BFFs #19

Almond Butter! – I’ve tried a few almond butters here and there and every time I have the Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter I remember how much I love it! It’s a lot sweeter than the other nut butters, I love it so much I will eat it out of the jar. But because it’s really healthy, calories don’t count. Right? 😉2

noosa yoghurt!-I’ve been getting this noosa yoghurt for awhile now, I love it because it reminds me of Greek yoghurt but it’s not as tangy. One day I was hungry and feeling adventurous so I thought I would try the strawberry rhubarb flavor  and I really like it! Now I want to try a strawberry rhubarb pie, to see what all the hype is about. 

 The Morning Brew - with the BFFs #19
Frigo Cheese Heads Colby jack! – I didn’t even know they made these until I picked up some at walmart randomly. Let me tell you, they are SO good. As a cheese lover, I totally approve.
 The Morning Brew - with the BFFs #19
Canning!– Since a lot of the veggies from our garden are ripening, I’ve been doing a lot of canning. That way we’ll have fresh corn etc all winter long!
Beyond The Blog
Here’s a look at what we were up to when we weren’t blogging!
Sara –
I stared to do more with y new job in the last couple weeks, which involves me going to different places for meetings. It’s been going good so far, and I get to see some interesting things, like this legless mannequin at a golf course. It scared me a little bit when I first saw it because I thought a real person was sitting there. Lol
 The Morning Brew - with the BFFs #19
Hannah – 


Things with this new job have been a little hectic. I don’t really know how to adjust to my schedule 100% yet lol. Plus I’ve been doing a lot of back and forth with our cars. Its leaving me kinda tired lol. I did get a chance to finally check out the Panera Bread close to where I work though. Sad to say I was less than impressed, especially with the price. Oh well. At least its close to my workplace and has free wifi 😀

The Morning Brew with the BFFs #4

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