Wearable Wednesday: Saving with Splender

It’s funny how when it’s gets towards the end of a season you tend to get uninspired because you’re constantly wearing the same clothes repeatedly. I know I’m at that point, especially since it’s the summer and I’ve been feeling uninspired because of the hot weather. Something I’ll do is mix it up and wear different pieces together. Of course I’ll also add some new items in my wardrobe to have something new to mix and match with the other items that’s already in my closet. 

Wearable Wednesday: Saving with Splender Wearable Wednesday: Saving with Splender

Like most girls I am an avid lover of shopping, I always thought if I could be a professional shopper that would be my dream job. But sadly I have a few other jobs (literally, haha) that take up most of my days. Because I don’t have a lot of free time I prefer to do most of my shopping online, I think most people do this as well since it’s easier, and more convenient to shop from your couch. I can’t even remember the last time I went clothes shopping in a store, I just find all the racks and having to go through all the clothes a bit overwhelming, plus I rarely ever find anything I really like. It’s a sad time.:( 

Wearable Wednesday: Saving with Splender

I’ll be honest here, I rarely ever shop through those sites that help you to get cash back. I don’t know why I do but I just go straight to the web site. Now that’s all going to change! I heard about Splender.com the other day, and it’s an awesome site that you can shop through to get more cash back than other sites. They have 800+ stores that you can shop through, along with coupon codes so you can save even more. There’s basically an endless amount of savings! Because they have tech support from a company that’s been in the industry for 10+ years it’s super secure and trustworthy.  So sign up for Splender.com today so you can get all of those savings, they’re also having a back-to-school bonus so you can even save even more! 

Splender is also awesome because they have an iOS app so you can shop through them when you’re shopping on your phone too so it’s even more convenient. Because the site is so easy, and it has a fast payment time it’s a breeze to shop with so the whole shopping experience is even more fun.                                                                                

   Because we all need another reason to shop, right? Lol

 Splender.com is also giving away Amazon gift cards this month! Follow @ShopSplender and share on Twitter something you’ve purchased (or want to purchase using Splender.com) using the hashtag #shopsplender.  One lucky winner EVERY day will win a $10 Amazon gift card! For more details visit the official contest page.                  

 I think it’s say this is the best cashback site there ever was! 

How do you like to save money when shopping? 

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