Holiday Spiced Bread

Hey guys, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while it’s no secret that we LOVE Try the World! If by chance you aren’t familiar with our folks at Try the World, they are, in a nutshell, a foodies subscription box that sends you food from around the world every month. Each month has a theme, based on the country that you are “visiting” that month. So far we’ve been to Thailand, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Brazil, and Portugal

Most recently we got the Holiday Box: Michelin Edition for this year. It’s filled with Michelin Star award wining food from around the world. So far we’ve LOVED what came in it. We even made these cute little spiced bread muffins from the mix that we got in this box. It was amazing topped with the date spread that we got as well. So many holiday goodies to try – and to give!

So why should you give the gift of Try the World? Well, we’ve got a few reasons why…

 Try the World Holiday Box

1.) They’ll open your eyes (and taste buds!) – We’ve gotten so many things in our Try the World boxes that we would have never tried on our own, and we ended up loving it. Take for example the Elderflower Saft Syrup from the Sweden Box. We totally would not have picked it up, and even looked at it a little funny when it came. Flower syrup? huh? Now we use it on SO much though.  You’ll get things in your boxes that you probably haven’t tried before, which for adventurous foodies like us, is perfect! Plus, if you like that an item so much you want to buy it on the regular(like we do with our Avion Smoked Paprika from the Spain box), you totally can from their online shop!

Holiday Spiced Bread

2.) They have something for the cook AND the snacker. – In their boxes they usually have a really good mix of things you can cook with like seasonings, oils, and sauces; as well as things to snack on like cookies, candy, and crackers. Plus, if the person you’re buying for would be more interested in just snacks and no cooking stuff – they have a Snack Box that just contains different kinds of snacks from around the world.

Date Spread

3.) They’ll feed your stomach AND your mind! – Not only are you getting to try different food from each country and around the world, you’re also learning a little more about them, their culture, and their cuisine. Each Try the World box includes a Culture Guide filled with information about each country and their food, including recipes and ideas for how to use the items in your box. We also love that they support local artisans and many items in your boxes will be directly from them. They even release a playlist with some great music from that country as well. So while you’re cookin’ up a storm you can experience some music from the area. Plus, if you have kids is a great way to get them to experience other foods and different cultures from around the world.

4.) They’ll keep your pantry stocked for the apocalypse! – Well, maybe not the apocalypse, but they will send you some pantry essentials with their recently released Pantry Box. The Pantry Box is a little different from their Signature or Snack Boxes. Instead of the items being based on a certain country, they contain 5 items based on your personal tastes and what you would like to see in a box each month. It’s totally customize-able and easy to set up. You just fill out your taste profile when you sign up, and you’ll start getting boxes based on your choices. You can also go back and change your profile at any time, if you decide that you want more or less of something. We’re a big fan of the cooking items in each box, so we were thrilled with our first Pantry box! We got some pasta, olive oil, smoked hot paprika, jasberry rice, and balsamic vinegar.

Try the World Pantry

5.) They love a good deal! – Try the World is always releasing contests and deals for subscribers, and for people are looking to subscribe. We’ve gotten some great discounts for Hello Fresh etc through their boxes. They currently have a great offer for the holiday season. If you subscribe this month and get the Holiday box, they will send you 2 other boxes for FREE for a limited time only. That way you have a box for yourself, and some to give to your foodie friend (or you can just keep them all for yourself – we wont judge!). They’re also having a special holiday promotion where if you gift a box, you get 15% off with the code “DEC15”!

There you have it, those are the reasons that we love getting our Try the World boxes. We highly recommend them to the foodie on your Christmas list, or even yourself! Merry Christmas everyone!

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