5 Tips For Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone! As we all know the end of the year is here and it’s the time to set new year resolutions and goals for 2017! I’m always excited for a new year because it’s a time to start fresh and make goals and good changes in my everyday life. 

I wanted to share 5 tips on going about making resolutions/goals that can help you to make them and actually keep the goals all through the year. 

1. Set realistic goals or resolutions

It seems like now is the best time to go big with goals. But it’s difficult to make a huge change in your life overnight. Or expect a drastic result in a couple weeks or month. It’s better to make a realistic change or goal that’s easier to stick with. That way you won’t be overwhelmed when you make changes, and more apt to stick with a new routine. 

2. Plan according to your resolutions

I use to say that I’m going to make a resolution but forget about planning and incorporating the new habits/changes into my everyday life. I noticed that when I’ll make a goal and make a plan for how I’m going to take the steps to achieve that goal I actually achieve it! Sit down and take some time to make you plan for the coming months and year. It can take some time, but when you go into the new year with a clear vision and plan for what you want to accomplish it can be so much easier to have a weekly/daily plan for your goals. 

3. Share your goals

An easy way to keep with your resolutions is by telling a couple other people what you want to do. A lot of people are making resolutions as well, and a big motivation to stick with the resolution is by having accountability. I know that if don’t have any form of accountability my goals will never get done. It can benefit you more if one of the people will help motivate you. Especially if they have similar goals they can relate and help when you struggle. 

4. Have them somewhere you’ll see everyday

It can be so helpful to have a inspiration board, or sticky notes everywhere, or have reminders set in your phone with the goals you have set. It may seem crazy at first to have sticky notes all over your house or workspace, or have reminders all the time. But once you see the goals on a daily basis it’s easier to remember what you want to daily. (i.e. go for a daily 10 minute walk)  I’m taking my own advice here since I’m the queen of forgetting everything. Lol 

5. Give yourself some time

 It takes 21 to 30 days to change/gain a new habit so it’s a gradual change you’re making over then next month. We’re all human, and creatures of habit so it’s likely that you’ll have struggles with your resolutions (I know I will), but it’s okay if you fall back into an old habit. But you have to remember what you’re working towards, and don’t lose focus. 

What are your 2017 resolutions!?

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