Hey everyone! We’re totally reviving The Morning Brew, but making it The Monthly Brew. Lets face it, our everyday lives are a little too boring to do a Morning Brew post every week. We were really hitting a wall. haha. So we decided to just do it every month – hence The Monthly Brew.

If you weren’t familiar with The Morning Brew when we did it a while back, we would make a post sharing some of our favorite things, and things that we’re loving; plus show you a glimpse into our day to day. We also love sharing our favorite blog posts from other bloggers around the web, so we’ll be doing that as well.

So pull up a chair, grab a hot mug of coffee (or tea!) and join us here on The Monthly Brew. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past week as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to!




I didn’t have a lot of favorites this month but I did discover a few new things this month! 

I always love to wear slippers when it gets cold, and for some reason I go through them super quick, but I always like to have some slippers that are fuzzy, and comfy.
I started to eat my usual cold weather oatmeal too, which involves brown sugar and cranberries!
For work I like to carry a big bag to lug around all the papers I need. I love this bag from Tutilo! It has so many pockets to put all of my daily essentials to keep things organized, it even has a laptop pocket to keep it protected and safe. I got mine from TJmaxx, you can see more of them here on their website if you’re interested.
From time to time I like to go to Panera and do some work, and eat. I tried their bistro french onion soup and holy cow! It is amazing! It’s so rich and good. If you like onions or onion soup you might want to stop and give it a try!
I’ve mentioned that I love liquid lipsticks on here before. But I really love the NYX ones because they have great pigmentation, and they wear really well.

 Monthly brew favorites hannah

1.) These Loacker Gran Pasticceria Patisserie wafers are the BEST! We got some in our latest Degustabox and I’ve been in love ever since. Unfortunately I don’t have a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or anything anywhere near me where I can get some. *sobs
2.) We got our tree up recently and I remembered just how much I love my Breyer 2015 ornament my parents got me last year. My goal is to totally collect one each year. They are so gorgeous! Here is the 2016 horse.
3.) A little while ago at the store I picked up these sweet Rambutans. I’d never had one before and was pleasantly surprised at how sweet they are! Definitely don’t be weirded out by the “hairs”.
4.) Since I got my new car I had yet to activate my little Sirius XM Radio trial. Well, I finally did recently and it’s amazing. I’m usually trained into the Alt Nation station, or the Backspin one!
5.) There’s a small diner restaurant in our town called The Corner Cafe. It’s been there for years but I had never been. Recently I went there and I loved the food and the atmosphere. It’s totally a perfect local diner. If you’re ever in Jackson, OH you should totally go!




November was an interesting month for me, I had a lot of ups and downs work wise, but I’ve learned to keep persevering and not give up. I also liked having a weekend off on Thanksgiving! I’m excited for December and Christmas though! 

monthly brew hannah beyond the blog


November was a fun month! Beyond the Thanksgiving holiday, relaxing with my dog Mo, and getting ready for Christmas, I got to hang out with some college friends. Long time readers might recognize our friend Clark. He occasionally helps us with some multimedia project here on the blog. Since he’s moved back up to Columbus we missed him terribly, so we totally had to get together! It was fun having all 3 of us together in, talking, laughing and having a great time. I also got to hang out in Cincinnati and visit art museums with my friend Amanda. I talked a little about that on the last Wearable Wednesday. Sara and I also did a “research” trip for the blog. AKA we went to a Taste of Home show. It was definitely a little different but really entertaining and fun. Plus we got a lot of recipe inspiration!


Here are some of our favorite blog posts for the month of November:


1.) DIY Cape///This cape is seriously super easy to make – you know, because we managed to make it. lol. It would also be an awesome gift for Christmas!
2.) Spiced Pumpkin Mousse Trifle // This is a great alternative to traditional pumpkin pie. It’s so light, yet pumpkin!
3.) Tikka Masala Pizza // This is a great break away from the traditional pizza. Use this recipe to spice up your normal pizza night and make a fun Indian inspired dinner.
4. 3 Eggcellent Ways to Cook Eggs – We get a lot of questions on how to cook eggs and make them come out well. We’re sharing some of our tips & ways that we love them!


Some of our favorite posts from around the net!

1.) Thanksgiving Outfits: 5 Cute & Curvy Outfits to Wear to Dinner – My So Called Chaos///These are some great fall outfits. We were totally inspired by the fall colors and patterns. Plus we love the curvy vibe!
2.) Date Peanut Bars – XOXO Bella///We’re not gonna lie, Bella is pretty much our blogger role model. She’s so ridiculously cute and all of her recipes look TO DIE FOR. Specifically we’re loving these Date Peanut Bars she made. It looks like an awesome on the go bar!
3.) Easy Spinach & Artichoke Pasta Bake – Living La Vida Holoka/// We love all of Jessica’s recipes so much. This one looks particularly awesome – not to mention easy to make and perfect for dinner!

4.) Why I Eat Gluten Free – Janel Berchielli// Our friend Janel is sharing her story on why she went gluten free. If you’re a person who needs gluten free items and recipes you should definitely check out her blog.
5.)5 Little Gingerbread Finger Puppet Play Gloves -Sunny Sweet Days// This is an adorable craft for your kids, and will totally come in handy as Christmas gets closer!
6.) Natural Christmas Wreath DIY – Pop Shop America// We love how simple and awesome this wreath is. It has more of a winter vibe rather than leaning too heavily on Christmas per say. Love it!

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