Wearable Wednesday: Casual Glam

Hey hey! It’s Wednesday so you know what that means! We’re back with Wearable Wednesday with a fab outfit! 

When I want to feel a little more glam I’ll just incorporate some pieces in my look that make it more glam. It’s no secret that I like to have easy to wear and comfy clothes to wear everyday, especially when it’s cold outside. So this is a typical outfit I’ve been wearing lately. 

Wearable Wednesday: Casual Glam

The Weather here has been crazy! It was freezing a couple weeks ago when we took these photos, so I definitely needed something warm!

I picked up this cowl neck sweater form Walmart (believe it or not) in November, and have been living in it, I even got it in another color. I love myself a nice cozy and warm sweater to wear when I’m going to work, or just having a lazy Sunday. 

 (thinking about hot chocolate because I was freezing) 

I’m also wearing this cream scarf from Kohl’s that I got last year (I think) I love it because its super soft and warm, and it has a gold thread that’s knit all throughout it so it adds some sparkle to my look. 

I got these boots from Shoedazzle in October, and I love them on a freezing cold day since they go above my knees I have more protection form the harsh elements. I also love the color since it adds a pop of color to a semi dark/neutral outfit. I also love the quilting detail, it just makes the boots a little more luxe. 


I kept everything else basic with some black pants I got forever ago at TJ Maxx, and a black peacoat that I got from Kohl’s. I do love this coat because it’s not super heavy or warm. I prefer a coat like that because it keeps me from burning up when I’m inside places and get hot flashes. (I’m kidding I don’t get hot flashes, but I do get hot easily. Lol) 

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s WW, and have a good New Year holiday! 

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