Hey everyone! We’re totally reviving The Morning Brew, but making it The Monthly Brew. Lets face it, our everyday lives are a little too boring to do a Morning Brew post every week. We were really hitting a wall. haha. So we decided to just do it every month – hence The Monthly Brew.

If you weren’t familiar with The Morning Brew when we did it a while back, we would make a post sharing some of our favorite things, and things that we’re loving; plus show you a glimpse into our day to day. We also love sharing our favorite blog posts from other bloggers around the web, so we’ll be doing that as well.

So pull up a chair, grab a hot mug of coffee (or tea!) and join us here on The Monthly Brew. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past month as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to!


 The Monthly Brew - December it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug

1.) If you remember from past morning brews I changed the coffee I was drinking pretty frequently…well every time I ran out of coffee in the bag. I picked up this one from TJ Maxx because it smelled good, and I liked the label, seems like a good enough reason to me. Lol But it is amazing!! It has such a smooth and strong taste I highly recommend you pick some up if you see it in a store. You can also find some here as well.

2.) As usual the weather has been totes cray, it was 12 degrees all day in the middle of December, then it was 60 degrees on Christmas. When it is cold I always like to bundle up with a big scarf and hat that doesn’t make my head look huge. I’ve been loving this hat that I got from TJ Maxx (I should live there) and scarf that I wore in my last Wearable Wednesday to stay warm. 

3.) I’m still eating oatmeal a few times a week for breakfast and I started to add more to it to make it more delicious and healthy; like chia seeds, cranberry sauce, walnuts or pecans, and brown sugar. I promise there’s not as much brown sugar as it look like. It just spread out. Lol  

4.) Since hockey season is in full swing my boyfriend and I started to watch the Bluejackets games. They’ve been on a major winning streak so it’s been exciting to see how they changed over the years. I realize this may seem like a shock since I have a sport as a favorite of mine, but I’ve actually liked hockey for a long time. Plus it’s exciting to see an Ohio team on a winning streak, since I am from Ohio after all. Lol 


The Monthly Brew #2

 1.) I picked up some awesome comic trades that I’ve never read before at a semi local comic book store I recently checked out called Nightmares to Fairytales. I think I’ll be making regular trips to this store to check out what other exciting things they have to offer!
2.) Recently we made some Christmas treats and I’ve been really loving them. I had to make another batch of these white chocolate pretzels so I could eat them. They’re SO good. You can check out the recipe here.
3.) Since I graduated college, and no longer make regular trips to Portsmouth, its a rare chance I get to indulge in the sushi place in town. Recently I had an excuse to go to Portsouth though, so naturally I bought some sushi and devoured it. So sushi is definitely one of my favorites, always.
4.) I love businesses that give back to their customers and try to do nice things for them and the community. So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to order some food at Subway and got this note, and my food was paid for. I was stopping after work one day and was pretty tired and grumpy, so this made my day and instantly improved it by 100%. Sometimes it’s little things like these when you are having a rough day can make all the difference.


The Monthly Brew - December 2016


 December was a fun and busy month for sure. Since we had some really cold days I wanted soup almost every day and I started to experiment with making different soups to add some variety. The one in the picture is a pho vegetable soup that turned out really good! Of course Christmas happened and it was such a nice relaxing time for me to recharge and get festive by wearing some deer antlers naturally. Lol 

In the last week of December I started to go through all of my crap stuff and purge what I don’t really need. When I did this I realized how many things I had and never used/wore and started to appreciate and use more of what I have.

The Monthly Brew - December 2016


This month was full of family for me. Christmas felt so weird this year since I worked Christmas eve and the day after, but I still loved spending the day goofing around with my family. We were able to get my mom a dishwasher this year as well – which is something she had always wanted. Needless to say she was excited about it lol. I even had a great Christmas with my coworkers, who got me this wonder woman POP and an LOL ornament. I work with some great people and even though I haven’t been working there super long, they totally embrace me into the fold – so to speak. Now on to 2017!


Here are some of our favorite blog posts for the month of December:

The Monthly Brew - December 2016

1.) Butternut Squash Chowder///This is a simple chowder that is veggie filled and great for all of this cold weather we’ve been having.
2.) Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate // This is one of our favorite recipes for the year. It’s a fun take on cinnamon hot chocolate, and so delicious!
3.) Casual Glam // Sara shows off her casual winter glam look, and talks about staying warm and looking great.
4. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Butter – Our favorite “gift” recipe this year, was this cookie butter we made. It’s so simple and delicious and would make a great gift for anyone.

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