Hey everyone! We’re totally reviving The Morning Brew, but making it The Monthly Brew. Lets face it, our everyday lives are a little too boring to do a Morning Brew post every week. We were really hitting a wall. haha. So we decided to just do it every month – hence The Monthly Brew.

If you weren’t familiar with The Morning Brew when we did it a while back, we would make a post sharing some of our favorite things, and things that we’re loving; plus show you a glimpse into our day to day. We also love sharing our favorite blog posts from other bloggers around the web, so we’ll be doing that as well.

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So pull up a chair, grab a hot mug of coffee (or tea!) and join us here on The Monthly Brew. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past month as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to!



1.) I’ve been cooking more lately and trying new recipes. I decided to make teriyaki chicken and rice and was shocked at how good it is. For some reason I never think about making it, or thought it was hard to make. But its super simple to make! All I did was just marinade the chicken in teriyaki sauce and cook it however you want to. It gives the chicken so much flavor! I’ll definitely be making it again! 

2.) I was in Columbus in mid March, and tried Crimson Cup coffee. I loved it because it’s super strong but smooth, and has a nice flavor. I loved their message too because they roast all of their coffee in Columbus and get it from coffee farmers all over the world. 🙂

3.) If you’ve been around for awhile you might remember our patatas bravas post we did last year. From time to time I like to make it because its so good and full of flavor! Check out the link to see how to make it! 

4.) You probably saw in last months monthly brew I was experimenting with face masks. I’ve continued to use this Aztec clay mask and love it! It helps my skin so much with breakouts and really detoxifies them. It also helps with wrinkles and tightening your pores. I’ll definitely keep using it to look young forever! 

5.) I went to Columbus with my boyfriend to the auto show. and it was so much fun because you can go and see all of the new cars and actually sit in them. The car I wanted the most is a Land Rover, but sadly it’s way too expensive. Lol 


 The Monthly Brew: March 2017

 1.) If you’ve seen us on Instagram you know we love Paper City Coffee, in the town where we work. It’s a place I frequent usually once a week at least. I love their coffee so much, and I love their mission & message of helping the community even more.
2.) I’m usually not into the whole Funko/POP craze, but recently my comic book shop got some in I really love. They’re made by the same people as the Funko’s, but these are called Rock Candy. I love that they’re all cute ladies that are a little more proportionate, and way cooler looking. I got the Batgirl one, because I love her 🙂
3.) A comic that I’ve really enjoyed this month is the Bloodshot Reborn one. I picked up the first trade paperback and immediately was all in. I really recommend it. It’s cool, and I love the artwork.
4.) This is a really stupid favorite, but I downloaded the Episode app and I’ve been oddly into it. I did the Mean Girls stories and was totally all in. I don’t understand why, it’s just fun and addicting for me.



 Besides going to the auto show and hanging out with Clark. I didn’t do a lot this month besides eat, which I’m not against. Lol For some reason I’m excited that were getting on the rainy season. I love how it smells outside after it rains during the warmer months! 

The Monthly Brew: March 2017  


This month I got the chance to hang out with our friend Clark again. We always love when we get together because we don’t do it super often. He’s a great friend, and we wish that we could see him all the time like when we were back in college. I’ve also done a lot of frequenting different businesses and establishments, starting with the Crispy Creme in Chillicothe. They make some killer doughnuts! As always Mo has been my sidekick on a lot of my days off. He loves going for rides and going places with me and my dad, so we end up taking him to my grandmas with us, as well as to run errands.


Here are some of our favorite blog posts for the month of March:

 The Monthly Brew: March 2017

1.) DIY Coffee Scrub/// This is a great beauty DIY that will leave your skin feeling fresh & smelling awesome.
2.) BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza // A great recipe to make to spice up your family pizza night.
3.) DIY Heart Sweater Patches // We’re making our cardigans & sweaters even more fabulous by adding cool sequin patches.
4. DIY Sparkle Earrings //Make your own Kate Spade inspired DIY Earrings. It’s SUPER easy.

Some of our favorite posts from around the net!

DIY Succulent Notepad from Brit Strawbridge/// We’re always writing to do lists and notes to ourselves, but we’ve never made our own notepad before. With printable pages included this DIY is definitely one that we’ll be making soon.

A Black Cat Themed Party by Stay at Home Cat Mom/// We love cats and we love the idea of having a black cat themed party. The stuff that she picked out is pretty classy too, great for a preteen party, and adult alike.

Best Green Salad Recipes by A Dish of Sanity/// Since it’s been warm here in Ohio we’ve been craving fresh foods & salads more and more. This recipe post has some great inspiration for any salad you could want. 

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