Top 5 Spring Fragrances

I don’t know about you gals but I always like to switch my fragrances when the seasons change, and look forward to it! So I decided to share my top 5 spring fragrances, and why I love to wear these scents for spring!

I’m sure you notice and are familiar with the cucumber melon body spray, I always love anything cucumber melon for spring and summer, it’s such a light, fresh and fruity scent to wear when its warm out. I can’t ever get enough of it year after year. 

I also have loved the French lavender & honey body spray since it came out. It’s a lovely everyday sent but it’s more feminine and girly because it’s more floral. It’s a mix of lavender, honey and nectarine, it reminds me of running through fields of lavender and eating honey and nectarines in the french countryside. Okay not really, but that sounds like a perfect vacation. Lol 

Magic in the air is one of the new fragrances at bath & body works. It actually reminds me of Magnolia blossom, which is a scent they discontinued years ago, so I had to get it! But it also has a nice blend of vanilla and floral sent so it’s nice when I want a warmer sent. 

I got this Love Express perfume a few years ago and love it! It reminds me a little bit of Viva La Juicy, but it’s slightly more floral, and a little more grown up. This is one of the few scents that I could actually wear year round but I like it make it last so I only wear it in the spring. Lol 

In that small bottle is Shanghai Tang’s Rose Silk Perfumes. I actually got this fragrance in February but it’s quickly become one of my favorites. I usually don’t like any rose scents but this doesn’t smell like roses, but it’s more like a mix of different floral scents. This scent is a more “sophisticated” scent that makes me feel more like a grown up. Lol 

Top 5 Spring Fragrances

That’s it for all of my favorite perfumes for spring! I hope you ladies enjoyed this post and found it helpful. 

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